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Vista fcuk'ed something... XP Screwed...I think.

powersspowerss Registered User regular
edited March 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
So I did a bunch of shit to my laptop.

Stupid fucking me.

Anyway, here's where I'm at.

I have a clean install of Vista on a partition. I have my old XP on another partition.

When I boot into XP now, I get to the login screen but it shows no accounts; control-alt-delete doesn't do anything; and I'm basically screwed.

Any ideas?

powerss on


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    RoundBoyRoundBoy Registered User regular
    edited March 2007
    Huh? How did you install vista? If you did a truly seperate install, things should be running as usual...

    Under Xp, do you still have things in 'my documents'? Can you see those user accounts under vista?

    Are your documents gone?

    When you boot XP, does the boot.ini really still point to the proper partition ?

    RoundBoy on
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