Bachelor Party Issues.



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    HeraldSHeraldS Registered User regular
    Option 2 plus some bonus cool points for you- I'm from Philly and I'm going to give you advice you can pass to your friends on which strip clubs to visit. Tell them to go to Delilah's. It's the most upscale with the hottest women. Show 'n Tell is a full nude BYOB and a little sketchier but still okay. There's one across/ near SnT that's more sports bar themed, haven't really been in that one but just tell them to go to Delilah's. If they're not from the area that will save them from going to a shitty strip club. If they are they should already know this. Def throw the BM a $20 or something for lap dances too, that will help. Good luck.

    fake edit: Delilah's also has a bar nearby that's the unofficial post-Delilah's bar. Starts with a Z or something I think. Thinking about it now it may just be called Z Bar. So track that down and you can offer to meet them there after. BAM problem solved!

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    Chases Street DemonsChases Street Demons Registered User regular
    They're talking about someplace called Daydreams. Heard of that?

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