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Keiang's Art Dump

KeiangKeiang Registered User new member
edited August 2012 in Artist's Corner
Uh, hi. I was kinda hoping you guys could help me improve my art. Or tell me how much of a complete waste of space I am; you know, whatever comes first.
I designed this one's style for vectors, but I didn't have any program for it at the time so I kinda threw it together in Sorry if it made it look worse. It's for a cartoon thing a couple of my friends wanted to put together.
This one is kinda stupid huge, so I'll leave it as a link. This one is something my friend commissioned; he wanted a character he designed in the Gurren Lagann eyecatch/ Redline art style, probably needs improvement as far as that resemblance goes. I know the wings are lazy as hell, I didn't really know how to draw "angel wings made of energy" and my friend said it was fine. If any of you could point to a good example of that, I'd be really thankful, especially since he has a couple more requests lined up in the same style.

...I like Kamen Rider. Proportions are kinda screwed up around the waist. I did this entirely digitally, not sure how bad it looks.

This is an enemy I made for a Mega Man X fan game, hopefully it's in the right style. It's supposed to look kind of dirty, since it's a trash collecting/compacting robot. (The little stand thing is it's foot, think Big Eye from MM1.)

These sprites are for an RPG some of my friends were working on. Character designs aren't mine.

Finally, here are characters in a video game I'm going to try to make, was hoping to get some critique on the style and such. Still a WIP, which is why there's a random hat and a lot of empty space.
That's pretty much it I guess.

Keiang on


  • NibCromNibCrom Registered User regular
    Those sprites are nice. Any pics of them in motion?

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