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    Man, this is weird. I was just thinking about Red Dwarf the other day, which lead to me trawling IMDB to see how the ratings of the new stuff stacked up against the "originals". I basically checked out after "Back to Earth" but it turns out that was kind of a low-point and the new episodes are, if not always great, at least not terrible. This is a list someone else compiled of every episode, by default ranked by "LastCaress138"'s personal preference, but you can sort by IMDB rating to get a more objective look at how they stack up against each other... I wasn't able to find a better way to do this on IMDB by default:


    Notably, Back to Earth parts 1, 2 and 3 are all in the bottom four "episodes". And then I found out Red Dwarf is available on Stan (Aussie Netflix), so I'm definitely going to have to do a binge at some point. And probably watch the new stuff too.

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    Good, top two by rating are Back to Reality and Quarantine. Personally I'd swap those but I'm happy with it.

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    Back to Earth is a weird one because it kinda goes all in on the existentialism rather than the comedy. It relies on nostalgia a lot and just the enjoyment of seeing these characters interact again. It's enjoyable enough but I can see why it wouldn't necessarily score high on the laugh meter.

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    The show was never the same after Rob Grant left the writing team. Doug Naylor absolutely has his moments, but that was the turning point.

    Yeah, I think you could probably ignore everything after season 6 and you wouldn't really miss much of interest. The early seasons were definitely the peak.

    They pretty much threw away Season 6's cliffhanger. Blowing up time drive somehow resolved things and altered the ship.

    But then, Lister trying to explain what happened and constantly blowing up video cameras is great.

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    Back to Earth did that weird thing where they took out the laugh track but kept the same pacing, so it all ends up really awkward and none of the punchlines land.

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    The lack of laugh track in Back To Earth made it land so fuckin' sad. I remember that first segment having a whole long section dedicated to Lister's tomato prank, and something about the new wide open empty sets, the focus on this being the last tomato and the lack of a laugh track just made it... devastating.

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    there's not even any ambient sound it's super creepy.

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    I saw a version of it where someone had dubbed on a laugh track. Except it was the same laughs repeated and it's amazing how quickly you notice distinct sounds in there, and that they keep repeating. It just made it weirder to the point of being unlistenable inside of a few minutes.

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