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    Oh, I should add that I tried Too Human at E3, and also considered it to be the biggest dissapointment of the show. Camera system was busted, a bunch of animations didn't work and turned the characters into giant black placeholder cubes or froze the character or simply didn't interact with the enemies, the title ran at a fluxing 4fps usually dipping down below 1fps, jumped from a modern setting to a sparse treed dry forest before ending the demo suddenly and without warning, and that's if you could get through the demo without it crashing or locking up. One of the reps told us how amazing the demo was and the controls and everything while playing one time, and then the second time I played (to see if the prior time was a fluke), a different rep spent the entire time apologizing about the demo saying it should never have been on the floor and that microsoft forced their hand and that it was horribly early and broken and all that jazz. Top all of that off with the title looking quite generic, and you don't exactly give game of the year impressions to the media or public.

    Again, nothing new there, but it can't be said enough.

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