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REX - Organizing a Play by Chat game

MrBodyMrBody Registered User regular
edited August 2012 in Critical Failures
Organizing a game of REX to host some weekend over chat. This is an ideal chat game; bidding is a big part that goes smoothly on chat and there is very little bookkeeping to worry about and overanalyze.

If you are into a quick wheeling, dealing, stabbing and backing game that gives you an excuse to put on your Duke Leto outfit or Harkonnen fat suit, this could be the game for you!

Just getting a picture right now if enough people (6) would be interested in this and what date/time would be best for them.

MrBody on


  • MrBlarneyMrBlarney Registered User regular
    I'd be interested in trying that out, though through the rest of this month I won't have a good time to play. After PAX, however, things should clear up a bit.

  • Orange SodaOrange Soda Registered User regular
    I'm going to burning man around the 27th but if we do it as sorrt of a one or two shot thing before then I'm. Down.

  • AlegisAlegis Impeckable Registered User regular
    I'm down for this next week-end (17th), but as I'm from yurop that might cause timing issues :)

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