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  • HenslerHensler Registered User regular
    I didn't realize a second issue of Space Punisher was out - that must be in my "To Read" pile somewhere. I guess even Frank Tieri was bound to write a good book someday.

  • AntimatterAntimatter Registered User regular
    edited August 2012
    Robots in Disguise #8
    Bumblebee is worried about free elections on Cybertron, given that the Decepticons are a violent sort and that the Autobots might lose control of the government. Prowl tells Bee not to worry, that the Autobots will keep control of the planet. The following is the reason why the Decepticons don't have the moral high ground, if they ever did, according to Prowl.

    Antimatter on
  • DMACDMAC Moderator mod
    It's a tragic circle of violence or whatever.

  • AntimatterAntimatter Registered User regular
    Prowl is a dick.

  • CorporateLogoCorporateLogo The toilet knows how I feelRegistered User regular
    edited August 2012
    And the Dinobots are dead :'(

    CorporateLogo on
    Do not have a cow, mortal.

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  • AntimatterAntimatter Registered User regular
    Corporate Logo fucking spoiler tag your shit
    two dinobots are maybe dead

    ironhide found the head of Sludge, and we all know that heads can survive by themselves in IDW
    see: Shockwave and either Runamuck or Runabout

    as for the other body, it could just be an unconscious one

  • akajaybayakajaybay Registered User regular
    Not that I know much about the Transformers comics but isn't he basically saying that entire portion of the population is bad because one of them is bad?
    I don't know is there a species divide between the two groups or is it just an ideological one?

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  • jkylefultonjkylefulton Squid...or Kid? NNID - majpellRegistered User regular
    I really hope they aren't permanently killing off Transformers that are actually distinguishable from other Transformers!

  • AntimatterAntimatter Registered User regular
    akajaybay wrote: »
    Not that I know much about the Transformers comics but isn't he basically saying that entire portion of the population is bad because one of them is bad?
    I don't know is there a species divide between the two groups or is it just an ideological one?

    it is entirely an ideological divide, it's just that most decepticons are psychopaths or sociopaths
    Prowl is a dick

  • MunchMunch Registered User regular
    edited August 2012
    Bloodstrike #29; The team of resurrected-superhumans-turned-assassins sit down with a therapist. Rob Liefeld provides interstitial sequences, which look truly godawful. However, series regulars Tim Seeley and Franchesco Gaston meet their usual high standards.

    Creator-Owned Heroes #3; Trigger Girl 6 flees the aftermath of a botched assassination, only to find herself attacked by a hobo camp.

    I really can't get enough of Phil Noto's art, though I feel like Palmiotti and Gray still haven't quite gotten the hang of pacing an eleven-page story, yet.

    On the other hand, Steve Niles and Kevin Mellon's American Muscle, really hit its stride this issue, injecting a lot of comedy and style into what had, up until now, been a lukewarm rehash of The Hills Have Eyes.

    The format of the comic continues to be a big selling point. You get about 40 pages of content, 22 of them comic pages, for $3.99. The rest is made up of creator interviews, and other random stuff the creators find interesting, like a cosplayer feature in the first issue, and an interview with Jimmy Palmiotti's personal trainer in the second.

    I sort of miss having a physical comic magazine to read, and this really scratches that itch.

    Dancer #4; After unsuccessfully attempting to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend for the previous three issues, retired hitman Alan, decides to use himself as bait, in an attempt to expose his pursuer. Nathan Edmondson and Nic Klein are still knocking it out of the park, with Klein even doing the colors. If you're in the mood for some espionage, with a twist of sci-fi, check this out.
    As was revealed in the first issue, the antagonist of the series is actually Alan's younger, decidedly less moral clone, which is sort of important when reading the last few panels.


    This issue also took a sharp right turn at the end. With only one issues left, I'm really curious to see how the creators wrap it up.

    Godzilla: Half Century War #1; the long-awaited James Stokoe Godzilla comic opens with Godzilla's first attack on Tokyo, in 1954.

    I really love that first panel; it sells the whole Ahab/Moby Dick angle of the story. Also, Ota's little, "gulp," followed by stern resolve, hits me just right.

    Munch on
  • BlankzillaBlankzilla KOOKABUNGA LIVES Registered User regular
    I loved Half-Century War so goddamn much

    All Along The Watchtower: A DCAU Podcast.

    HEY! I sell the digital codes from my comics every week! 1.75 a pop! PM me if you wanna know what's available!
  • MuddBuddMuddBudd Registered User regular
    She's a techy person. She shouldn't be the next Robin.

    She should be the next ORACLE.

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