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Vegemyte's Fixed Cluster[Music] Thread

VegemyteVegemyte Registered User regular
edited August 2012 in Artist's Corner
Hey all!

I don't post much, but I do make a bit of music in my spare time.

Basically, I'm looking for recording tips/how to make my stuff sound better. Some of the stuff up there is a bit old and recorded awfully with a lot of hiss, but I think are good songs (or popular, like my Hocus Pocus cover...) so I haven't taken them down.

The best songs up there at the moment in terms of recording quality would be Valentine Present, Machfolkven and I'm Sorry Joe.

I don't do a lot of vocal stuff, mainly because I've never thought that I'm good at it, but I've been trying harder to get a better sound. At the moment, I've been using two SM57's for recording everything. What would be a good quality vocal microphone be? I could just say nuts to it and get a SM58, but maybe there's something better/cheaper? Also, a better mic to record Acoustic stuff would be nice.

So yeah, crits and what not are welcome. Or if you just want to say that you like it, that'll do too!

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