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Live Action Star Wars/Star Trek *Nerdcore* Music Video - Party Space Station

mikeandcheesemikeandcheese Registered User new member
edited August 2012 in Artist's Corner
*Warning: Lightsabers, White Nerdy Rappers, Intergalactic Woman, and Explicit Lyrics*

Just finished this live action Star Wars/Star Trek Music Video Project. Over 20 hours of shooting and 100 hours of editing went into this project. Hope you all enjoy our hard work!

Please let me know what you think!

mikeandcheese on


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    mariobrosb4mariohosmariobrosb4mariohos Registered User new member
    SPA-LOOSH!! (jizz coming out of my body)

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    HalenHalen Registered User regular
    Why do I suspect this entire video was a ruse to get girls to dance with you in leia bikinis? :)

    Great stuff though, I lolled :)

    Draw an egg.
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    FANTOMASFANTOMAS Flan ArgentavisRegistered User regular
    Looks good for a youtube thing, musically I hated it with all my guts. And I call the tag "nerdcore" complete bullshit, this is like Beastie Boys ripoff without the musical knowledge and skill that they had. I have to say though, that I am not very familiar with "rap culture", but still it doesnt look natural at all, it looks forced and copy-pasted (the beastie boys know how to let the beat...... drop?).

    Sorry to be such an asshole, but like I stated before, for a youtube meme video I think you guys are on the right path.... musically you guys should find your own sound and aesthetic.

    PS: This is rap, 90s rap even, nerdcore is NOT a musical genre, period.

    Yes, with a quick verbal "boom." You take a man's peko, you deny him his dab, all that is left is to rise up and tear down the walls of Jericho with a ".....not!" -TexiKen
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    IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    If this isnt a fly by youtube posting and you are actually looking for critique, I have to say the mouths are way off on most of the cuts, despite the editing. Its pretty distracting.

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