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Galaxy S3 (mobile phone) location help

PantshandshakePantshandshake Registered User regular
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So, a few nights ago I splurged, got me a fancy Galaxy S3. I've been gradually re-downloading apps throughout the week as time allows. I can't find Flash in the store. "No problem!" I say to myself. "I just need something that needs Flash to run, then it will direct me to download Flash!"

So, I downloaded the Kongregate Arcade app. And it worked, it pointed me to Flash both via the store and the internet. Both Adobe's page and the store tell me that Flash isn't available in my country.

Now, I'm in the US, and I watched a friend of mine use his S3 download Flash not 10 minutes ago. So apparently something in my phone thinks I'm not in the US. My gmail account didn't have a country specified. I changed that, still no luck.

So, I'm reaching out to you fine folk. Even if you don't know what exactly determines where the store thinks you are, if you have any ideas about what, in an Android phone, could determine your location, please, hit me with your ideas.

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    BurtletoyBurtletoy Registered User regular
    edited August 2012
    Bad news.

    I read a different story on it yesterday that said old builds on the adobe website archieves might work.

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    PantshandshakePantshandshake Registered User regular
    Pre-Post edit.
    Apparently Flash will show up in your market if you already have a version of Flash installed. That might explain why a friend was able to download it.

    So I guess they're just acting like Android phones are their own country to keep new downloads from happening. Well, I guess I was just a day late. And/or a dollar short.

    Thanks for the help.

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    matt has a problemmatt has a problem Points to 'off' Points to 'on'Registered User regular
    You can still get flash, just Google "flash apk" on your computer and download it. Install a third-party apk installer on your phone, like Onymous, from the Google app store. Under your phone's settings menu, select Applications, and allow "unknown sources" (this allows installation of apks not downloaded from the app store.) Copy the flash apk to your phone's memory/SD card, open Onymous and point it where you saved the flash apk, and you're done.

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    PantshandshakePantshandshake Registered User regular
    Thanks, Matt.

    I'll be honest, downloading Flash immediately took a backseat to 'where the hell does my phone think it is, and how do I change it?' The whole apk and sideloading Flash isn't really a problem for me.

    I guess this can be closed, if a friendly mod happens through.

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