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tordavistordavis Editor In ChiefBostonRegistered User new member
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I'll be doing my first PAX Prime and I'm looking for cosplayers to shoot while I'm there. I'll be in Seattle on Aug 29th. If you have time and want some free photos, hit me up on twitter @tordavis or respond here.


Deviant Art: http://tordavis.deviantart.com (potentially NSFW)
twitter: @tordavis
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    jennariccijennaricci Registered User new member
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    I would love to have photos done! My costume is commander Shepard from Mass Effect.

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    vgcvgc United StatesRegistered User regular
    I would love to do a shoot! Depending on the day, I'll be either Ada Wong, a dragon or Sweet Tooth. I personally would like to have nice pictures of Ada with other RE cosplayers.

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    kemikalkemikal Registered User regular
    This will be my first time doing cosplay of any sort. Granted, my costumes are pretty plain compared to the ones I've seen in the cosplay thread, but I will, at some point, be in my moogle set. If there are any FF cosplayers, I would love to get a few pics together. ;)

    Assassin's Ball, Prime '13: @CowboyVerse
    TWDT '13: Hufflepuff OotP
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    MetroidHunter05MetroidHunter05 Registered User new member
    I will be there as vandal gragas from league of legends all 3 days look for me

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    tordavistordavis Editor In Chief BostonRegistered User new member
    Good shoot tonight! Posting pics hopefully on Monday. Here's a sample:


    Deviant Art: http://tordavis.deviantart.com (potentially NSFW)
    twitter: @tordavis
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