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Ikebukuro Rumble [Phalla] (Revolutionary Tiny Main) --- Game Over! Village Victory!

mi-go huntermi-go hunter Once again I'm back in the lab.Cleaning my knives, ready for stabs.Registered User regular
edited August 2012 in Critical Failures

Hello hello hello! The name’s Izaya. Who am I? Who cares about that?! You see, something big is going to happen to this city, Ikebukuro. Something exciting. There have been attacks by the Slasher, there are rumors that the Yellow Scarves are acting up again! And some people may get hurt! Oh dear, what will these little people do? How will they act in the face of adversity? This is going to be very fun to watch. All the pieces I have laid on the board will play themselves out…

Game Overview

This is a Phalla game, Penny Arcade Forum's version of the party game Mafia. It is based on the anime, Durarara!! Fans of the anime will have a slight advantage obviously, but not much (hey, there's always Google!). For those who want to watch this series, SPOILER ALERT! You have been warned...

The mafia is split into two factions. They are:
A color gang, their members wear a distinctive piece of yellow clothing. They are ruthless and brutal, even more so under the leadership of Horada. They pick on the weak, and seek to rule Ikebukuro.

Who knows? It seems that their only desire is to cut up their victims.

The villagers are the residents of Ikebukuro, some of them members of the DOLLARS, an organization formed over the web. The DOLLARS is disorganized and has no structure or sole leader, nor does it have a clear goal. Its members mostly consist of good people willing to do odd good deeds.


Do NOT edit your vote posts. Ever.
Select someone you want to kick out of the city with your vote in Bold Red
Vote close is 5:30PM PST.


All orders must be submitted before vote close.

Players are expected to make one vote and one non-vote post every day. Failure to do so will result in being replaced or kicked out of the game. Harsh, but necessary!

Signing Up

Sign up with the phrase "!sign up" or similar phrase in bold limegreen.

Generic Role PMs

There are none! Each player will receive a unique role PM. Mafia will pose as nice citizens of Ikebukuro and will be given cover roles, so beware!

Special Rules

In Ikebukuro, the strangest characters gather. Expect bizarre abilities and the possibility of thralls. Masons are trustworthy. There are neutrals with their own mysterious agendas.

Other Rules

Standard Phalla rules apply: no sharing of host-provided PMs via screenshots or direct quotation. However, information may be shared indirectly, such as through rephrasing. You may not add new players to preexisting private conversations after the first message - start a new conversation instead. No anonymous contact is allowed. All messages must be traceable to a player in the game. Once you are eliminated, you may not make any more game conversation with players remaining in the game.

If any players create proboards for private communication or interesting conversations including more than two players, please send links for them to the host and add him as an admin.

Please include the host on all game PM's.

Will there be conversions?

Clarification denied. :twisted:

Thralls? Millers? Combination powers? Vote manipulation? Order of operations?

All these are in the realm of possibility.
Vote > Guarding > Mafia Attack/Vigs

How spoiler-y will the spoilers be?

There are quite some spoilers, such as the identity of the founder of the Dollars being revealed and other secrets. It's entirely up to you whether or not you feel comfortable knowing such spoilers before you watch DRRR!!

A mafia faction wins by outnumbering the other faction AND the village. Thought that was important to mention...

Role names do have some relevance. If you are unfamiliar with the anime you can always turn to Google or Durarara Wiki. Perhaps you'll find some useful information there.

My phalla has some degree of chance involved. Some powers only have certain percent chance of working

When I mentioned that some villagers are part of the Dollars, that is purely fluff and does not imply any hidden mechanics.

If there is a vote tie between players, I will randomly determine who (among the tied) shall die.

1. Mill
2. Anialos
3. Kilnaga
4. enlightenedbum
5. The Anonymous
6. premium
7. cj iwakura
8. SaberOverEasy
10. Egos
11. jdarksun
12. TheRoadVirus
13. Megafrost
14. SLyM
15. stever777
16. warban
17. Lucedes
18. Void Slayer
19. vagrant_winds
20. Alegis
21. chamberlain
22. Phyphor
23. JaysonFour
24. blahmcblah
25. Cayrus
26. pigeonking
27. Rawkking Goodguy
28. Assuran
29. spool32
30. 38thDoe
31. Typhus733
32. adventfalls

1. Mr.T

Alegis - Vanillager - Voted out by the town.
stever777 - Vanillager - Defeated by the power of love.
Typhus733 - Vanillager - Incurred the wrath of the Strongest Man in Ikebukuro.
Cayrus - Mason - Knocked unconscious by the
Yellow Scarves.
Lucedes - Special Guardian - Slashed by her own children.
warban - Guard - Mysteriously voted out by the town.
The Anonymous - Lover -
cj iwakura - Lover - Staying by his love's bedside.
Egos - Servant of Saika -Defeated by Masaomi
SLyM - Yellow Scarf Grunt - Knocked unconscious by his fellow Scarves
38th Doe - Neutral - Accompanying her brother
pigeonking - Servant of Saika - Ambushed by the Dollars
Anialos - Vannilager -
Ran over by a crazy cop
JaysonFour - Haruna Niekawa - Defeated by Shizuo and Masaomi
Void Slayer - Horada - Accidentally taken out by Shizuo

Day 0 Narration
Day 1 Narration
Day 2 Narration
Day 3 Narration
Day 4 Narration

Thanks be to @TheRoadVirus as I shamelessly borrowed many parts of his OP and also to @kime for looking over the mechanics for balance.

mi-go hunter on


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