[PRIME] Harmonix Invites You Out For Donuts, Game Shows and Grade A Hang Outs

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Hey gang,

PAX is next week and we. are. STOKED. We'll be in Seattle from Friday 8/31 to Sunday 9/2 and we want to see all of you there. We've got a bunch of stuff going on, both on and off the floor, so READ ON!


WE ARE HOSTING A TOP POT DONUT HANG OUT. This is very, very important. If you've never been, Top Pot is one of the most delicious things ever. They are also awesome folks and they've hosted private events for us before so we couldn't wait to come back and do another thing with our community. And you're invited!

If you're at PAX, or in the Seattle area, and you want to have some delicious donuts and hang out with some Harmonix developers then this is the event for you. Top Pot will be open from 7-9pm PT specifically to friends of Harmonix. Donuts and drinks are on us. Come. Hang out. Break bread with us. It'll be awesome, guaranteed.

AND as if that wasn't reason enough to come hang out, we're also using this Top Pot event as an opportunity to have Harmonix super fans sign up to participate in our Saturday panel (much more on that to follow). If you want to get involved in our Saturday evening Game Show Extravaganza, come sign up at the Top Pot hang out and you'll get to be a contestant on a deliriously bonkers game show and maybe even win some bad ass swag too.

Bulletpoints: Top Pot Downtown Seattle - 2124 5th Ave Seattle, WA 98121 (a short walk from the convention center) - 7 to 9pm PT Friday Night - Deliciousness - Game Show Extravaganza Sign Up


WE ARE HOSTING A BIG DUMB GAME SHOW. The Harmonix Game Show Extravaganza has already been broadcast in all of the excellent PAX documents, but it is included here for your convenience.

Harmonix is proud to have one of the most well-informed communities in the industry, tapping into the rabid cross section of hardcore gamers and obsessive music fans. But do they know more about music gaming than the actual devs behind the genre-defining Rock Band and Dance Central franchises? COME FIND OUT. Attendees will compete against a panel of Harmonix celebrity guests on matters of music history, game-specific trivia and personal minutiae for a chance to win DLC codes, limited swag and ETERNAL GLORY! From the producers of “Are You Smarter Than A Harmonix Employee?” and “Win John Drake’s Money”, this panel promises healthy competition for fans of music gaming and the dizzying highs of Harmonix hilarity, all wrapped in the trappings of a ‘70’s game show. Come on down!

Aaron Trites [Manager, Community Development / Richard Dawson, Harmonix], John Drake [Director Of Communications & Brand Management / Paul Lynde, Harmonix], Eric Pope [Community Manager / Charles Nelson Reilly, Harmonix], Jessa Brezinski [Community Manager / Brett Somers, Harmonix], Annette Gonzalez [Community Manager / Rip Taylor, Harmonix]

We're always looking to push the envelope in terms of PAX panels and try to find interesting ways to engage the community, and this has all the makings of a classic Harmonix barn burner. This show runs from 9-10pm PT on Saturday night at Kraken Theater (aka Grand Hyatt 1st Floor). DON'T FORGET: if you want to be a contestant, come to the Top Pot event on Friday to sign up. We'll also have opportunities for people to get involved at the panel, as well as swag for attendees and participants. At the very least, even if you don't want to compete in a hilarious game show, it'll be a riot to watch.

Bulletpoints: PAX - Saturday - 9 to 10pm PT - Harmonix Game Show Extravaganza - Kraken Theater (aka Grand Hyatt 1st Floor) - Early sign up available on Friday at the Top Pot Social - Swag and Prizes

And, of course, we'll be on the show floor all weekend long. We'll have 6 kiosks for Rock Band Blitz, a stage for Dance Central 3, all sorts of goofy / awesome things to give away for both games and the full line up of the Harmonix Community Team. Even if you're not able to attend the Top Pot Social or the Harmonix Game Show Extravaganza, we hope you get a chance to swing by our booth, check out the games and say hello. The PAX crowd always rules and meeting people is awesome, so we hope to see you there! Feel free to hit me up at @HMXhenry on Twitter or in the thread if you have any questions and I'll do my best to help out!

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  • TraitoriousTraitorious Registered User regular
    Hell yeah donuts/drinks! Also want to get some time in with Blitz since I won't have time to get it on the 29th and play before I finish packing for my flight (early as hell) the day after.

  • MetaverseNomadMetaverseNomad Registered User regular
    Donuts? *Maniacal Laugh*

  • BlackDragon480BlackDragon480 Bluster Kerfuffle Master of Windy ImportRegistered User regular
    Donuts, HMX, fuck it, I'm there.

    And can I just say, "Thank You" for Blitz and allowing it to bring Give It Away and Spoonman back to the fold.

    Also, more Dream Theater and Iron Maiden DLC please. I need to keep feeding the illusion I'm John Petrucci and/or Nicko McBrain.

    First they came for the Muslims and we said...NOT TODAY MOTHERFUCKERS!
  • ToasterDylanToasterDylan Registered User regular
    Is it safe to assume that John "Dazzlecrotch" Drake will be in attendance?

    (pretty sure Top Pot + HMX is a thing I cannot pass up, see you guys there!)

  • DehumanizedDehumanized Registered User regular
    I'm bringing my DC2 cassette tape from last year. Fuck yeah!

  • The_ReflectionThe_Reflection Registered User regular
    Will John T. Drake and his sparklecrotch be there?

    SYSOP wrote: »

    "The_Reflection has a story, that must be told"..."He is already a legend, and he ain't even old"
    "He can drink a river of blood and not burst"..."He can swallow a desert and never thirst"
  • JeppyJeppy Maple Valley WARegistered User regular
    HELL YEAH! I'm in on this!

  • HMXhenryHMXhenry Registered User regular
    So glad to see folks are excited for this. It means a lot to us!

    Drake will most definitely be there, likely full of Diet Coke and ready to yell at everyone. Get there early before he gets hoarse!

  • BlackDragon480BlackDragon480 Bluster Kerfuffle Master of Windy ImportRegistered User regular
    All well and good, but will he have a bedazzled groin?

    This is important.

    First they came for the Muslims and we said...NOT TODAY MOTHERFUCKERS!
  • tsrblketsrblke Registered User regular
    In my interactions with Harmonix products I seek maximium embarassment (Singing in rockband or dancing...)
    Will this be an option at a Harmonix party? ;)

  • FyreWulffFyreWulff Registered User, ClubPA regular
    Looking forward to this, making sure it fits into my schedule. Donuts!

  • jclemyjclemy Registered User regular
    This sounds fun and delicious

  • MelceneMelcene Tacoma, WARegistered User regular
    Totally there.

  • aquaoneaquaone Registered User regular
    I look forward to seeing you again Friday night.

  • HMXhenryHMXhenry Registered User regular
    tsrblke wrote: »
    In my interactions with Harmonix products I seek maximium embarassment (Singing in rockband or dancing...)
    Will this be an option at a Harmonix party? ;)


    Getting seriously amped for this. The panel is coming along nicely too, and don't forget that you can sign up to be a contestant on the Saturday panel at the Friday Top Pot event. Donuts + game show = good times! (Some one please check my math, I went to a liberal arts school.)

  • Kwisatz HaderachKwisatz Haderach Registered User
    Harmonix + Donuts + Insane Contest = Good Times. Count me IN!

    Twitter: @Quintonious (new, infrequently post)
    PSN: Quintonious
  • ProcremationProcremation Registered User
    edited September 2012
    Good times were had at Top Pot!
    Donuts + Harmonix + Cards against humanity = great time!

    Thanks Harmonix!

    Procremation on
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