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GTX 560TI - Single monitor fine, second detected but no signal

danxdanx Registered User regular

Just built a new machine. The machine is mostly working fine and it looks like all the power plugs are connected properly but the second monitor is not working. It is detected by the nvidia drivers, you can play around with settings on it but it just doesn't go off standby. This happens at boot. Swapping the cables changes which monitor it is. Any ideas? My old machine never had any problems even when they were mismatched sizes. The second monitor was always no signal until windows or linux boots nvidia drivers then it turned on pretty snapily. Now that just doesn't happen.

GPU uses two six pins on the card both connected on the card
12v rail is on main board
motherboard power connector is on
4 sata drives are connected
cpu and chassis fan connected
front panel usb and audio connected
case switches wired

Did I miss any power connections?

This is the spec:

Antec 620w Gamer High Current Modular psu
Bitfenix Shinobi
i5 3570k with stock cooler
Asus p8z77 v lk mobo
Asus GTX 560 TI DirectCu
LG Blu Ray Burner
8gb corsair vengeance ddr 1866 Ram
Lan card
Asus Xonar D1 pci Sound Card.
2WD Carvier Blacks
120gb SSD
LG 1920*1080 monitor
Iiyama 1280*1024 monitor
2 usb devices (KBAM)

One thing struck me as odd. On the box it says dvi compatible and vga compatible for the second port, however both are dvi i ports. The only other port is hdmi. I looked in the box for a manual but it's totally generic to any card, doesn't even have the models listed in it. Others have reported a similar issue with 560 Ti but there's not much to go on about a fix. I could return the card but I'm going to try my 480 GTX in this mobo see if it works when i wake up if there's no other way. Any ideas?

Only game i've tried so far is wow since no install is required. That gives 178 fps standing in stormwind with msi afterburner reporting a steady 50 deg celcius. Cpu temps are around 35 deg celcius.

It's entirely possible that some of this info is completely irrelevant but I've been up a long time trying to a some damn sata cable not to pop out when another was put in. Given the choice again I would not do not buy a case with drive bays running parallel to the mobo. The sata power connectors were just not easy to work with. One of them now even has a name. It's a nice looking case but perpendicular bays are so much easier.


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  • danxdanx Registered User regular
    Ok it appears I am an edjit. The dvi outputs on the back of the 560ti work differently from the outputs on the 480gtx. They are meant for running a single monitor via two dvi cables not two monitors with one cable each. Dual monitor supposedly works with dvi + hdmi combo or a dvi -> vga cable. This is why the asus box said dvi + vga on the back. The more you learn.

    I'll pick up a hdmi cable tomorrow.

  • Mmmm... Cocks...Mmmm... Cocks... Registered User regular
    edited September 2012
    One monitor with two dvi cables? What sorcery is this?
    I'm just curious.
    My next set up I'd really like to rock 3 monitors (just waiting for a good next gen racer).
    I just imagine it'll be a headache. Some weird tech has come and gone with the whole 3 monitor thing.

    Mmmm... Cocks... on
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