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Paint the Line ECG - Lord of the Lob, Drive King, Spin Sifu (Amplify)

ARMed_PIrateARMed_PIrate Registered User regular
edited August 2012 in Penny Arcade Games
Howdy. I found the Advantage boxes of these cards quite confusing, as they only contain +X.
The cards each explain that X is the number of cards of the same type you have in play (or in the case of Spin Sifu, every 2 spin cards you have in play adds 1 to X).

However, do these bonuses (A) get added to the Normal bonus, or (B) is the X all you get on an advantage shot?

Version A: If the advantage STARTS with the normal values, and _adds on_ the X to that, then the Advantage side should have been identical to the Normal side, with a "+X" and/or "-X" dark watermark above/below that, to be in keeping with other cards like the Hero's Set.

Version B: If the advantage ONLY confers a bonus based on the X, then it should have had a "+0, -0" arrow on the Advantage side, but with the aforementioned "+X" or "-X" watermark.

If anyone has a definitive word on this, I'd much appreciate it. Version A makes more sense to me going strictly from what was printed, but it means Spin Sifu's Advantage side is worse than its Normal side until you have 3 additional Spin shots in play (3 + 1 from Spin Sifu = 4 Spin Shots = enough for a +2, -2 Advantage).

ARMed_PIrate on
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