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[Disregard] Problem solved, Kainy's retarded, lock please

KainyKainy Pimpin' and righteousRegistered User regular
For the last two days, spoilers have had nothing clickable, and the BBCode bar looks like this:

Post tesselation, yeah!

In Chrome 21.0.1180.83. Issue exists both with and without custom stylesheet active (or installed, with a Ctrl+F5 refresh on the page)

Jus a heads up, good Vanilla-tweaking sirs!

Edit: Oh yes, also clicking the options gear and editing doesn't work in Chrome, had to open Firefox to do it.

Double Edit: Disregard, figured out the problem, and it was on my side. Sorry! I can't believe I didn't try that before posting a goddamn thread :(

IcyLiquid wrote: »
There's anti-fuckery code in there now :) Sorry :)
Kainy on


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