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Hey, community.
My name’s Luke. I’m from Brisbane, Australia and I draw things. I’d heard that the PA forum community is great, specifically for the Artists Corner, so decided to sign up and give it a whirl.
I’ll post sketch (and some finished) stuff here. Am really looking to improve and get pointers across the board. At the moment i’m specifically aiming to get a lot better with hands, legs and full figures. Although it’s not of primary focus right now, i also want to vastly improve my environment drawing.

Some sketch practice from this week:

Some finished illustrations:

I’ll be sure to post more sketch practice regarding hands, legs, full figures soon. Critiques on finished works are welcome but i’ve moved on from these for now, so don’t be too offended if i don’t alter and repost them :). Your advice will certainly be taken onboard though.

Thanks for taking a look!

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    lvkelvke Brisbane, AustraliaRegistered User new member
    Some hand sketches from the last couple of days. Pointers definitely welcome. I often find it hard to loosen hands up and get a more relaxed look. Perhaps as a side effect of this, i also find it difficult to accomplish particularly feminine looking hands. These particular sketches were just done from memory and/or with reference to my own hand. The unfinished beast-hand at the bottom of image 2 is intended to only have three fingers.

    Also, if anyone has suggestions of other things I should sketch and post that would be of benefit or help people to assess and critique, let me know.


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    lyriumlyrium Registered User regular
    This may sound obvious, but you could try referencing a relaxed hand?

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