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Can anyone help fix my PC?

TinkersTinkers Registered User new member
for some reason my pc kept freezing so i decided to do a system restore and in the middle of it the pc frooze so i booted back up and said failed to complete so i did another and it worked but then it wouldnt turn on so i kept trying to get it on and finally it did and after that it uninstalled my wireless drivers and wouldnt let me install them again. so i turned of the pc and turned it back on but it wont come back on at all. now all it does is the psu starts to boot and then motherboard shows the red light and then does nothing.(normally the psu boots and the motherboard red light comes on and then the motherboard beeps once and then comes on screen). so can anyone tell me what the problem is because everyone who i have asked said that my motherboard has gone.

i had my pc in the concervatry for a few days and we had a heat wave so i dont know if that would of fried it but its on 24/7 and the heat may of caused the motherboard to fry.

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  • DjeetDjeet Registered User regular
    Unplug the PUS and disconnect the LAN and any devices attached to I/O that have their own power supply. Pull CMOS battery (or use reset CMOS jumper) and wait 30 seconds and then replace battery, plug in your PSU and power up. I don't think having the PC exposed to ambient environmental temps for a few days would cause permanent damage.

  • ueanuean Registered User regular
    Yeah. May as well reset the CMOS jumper actually rather than just yanking the battery.

    It's probably hardware though considering it was freezing before you started anything. Check the capacitors for bulging caps. No BIOS beep is no good.

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