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    Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan Registered User regular
    The 3DS would have been ok if they hadn't done DSi and DSiXL and DSLite and DS. They either needed to make it super clear it was a new system with the DS2 or renamed it altogether. While I agree that Wii U may have similar issues, I think it will be less simply because they haven't had 4 Wii models with the same name.

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    SynthesisSynthesis Honda Today! Registered User regular
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    Cade wrote: »
    Am I the only one thinking Nintendo maybe should start using new names for the devices a bit more? Instead of having things sound like an upgrade ie: DS to 3DS and Wii to Wii U they should come up with some new brands.

    The whole Wii U thing especially I'm sure is going to just make people think it has a new controller in part due to the name.

    Not until after the desperately needed price drop (in the case of the 3DS).

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    FoomyFoomy Registered User regular
    I always thought they should of named it the Super Wii.

    and people don't think the same thing with ps1/2/3 because that's a usual pattern that they are used to when it comes to new hardware

    Nintendo releases new revisions of hardware that aren't successors with just an added letter or 2 to the end, ie. DSi, So when they see that they just think it's the current thing but slightly improved, but not a whole new console.
    when they also use it for a new console it causes confusion.

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    BigJoeMBigJoeM Registered User regular
    I would have preferred "Super" or "Advance" instead of their official names considering that the DS and Wii were new product lines at launch.

    The official names are trying too hard to be clever.

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    FencingsaxFencingsax It is difficult to get a man to understand, when his salary depends upon his not understanding GNU Terry PratchettRegistered User regular
    Number+1 is pretty easer to understand. As is a higher catchy number (or a number where one wasn't before).
    As much as I understand the "We, You" name, I still think they should have gone with Super Wii for old times sake.

    Yeah, sequels are kind of ingrained into our culture. People can count.

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    KryhsKryhs Registered User regular
    Fencingsax wrote: »
    People can count.

    I just find that hard to believe sometimes :P.

    I concur with "Super Wii" but they may have avoided that one for the obvious jokes that they already got with the Wii... WiiU is a little harder to joke about.

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    cloudeaglecloudeagle Registered User regular
    Rorus tapped me on the shoulder and said to make a new thread when this one hit 100. So I did.


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