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Hi guys.
My name is Walter Machado, and I build music. Distorted-screamed-core-fast-heavy tracks. Not just the notes, but the instruments, circuits and wires to achieve that premium tone. Endless work hours, prototypes and tech developped.
Now, I am producing some tracks to the under development game Shadowrun Online.
Shadowrun world is set on a dystopian future, where elfes uses SMG´s, Trolls connect on the Web (real trolls), dwarfs, dragons and all fantasy stuff live in a awaken and cybernetic 2070. Shadowrunners do the dirty job to the megacorps, ...cyber limbs, katanas, magic and tons of bullets appear on the scene. Kinda hard to describe on a few words.

Via Soundcloud you can see some of the tracks (I have all copyrights, so, you can freely download them and share with your friends if you want).

Which one is your favorite?

A few things about the tracks:
"Exotic" the theme is an exotic and dangerous oriental Black Market
"Heavy Gear" one ode to heavy machinery
"Cromo" Combat mission soundtrack
"Injection" Glam rock inspired
"City Escape" Survival themed retro goblin-rock
"Chimera Club" The sound of a 2070 vip night club
"Night Ride" Neon contamplative moments interrupted by the menacing whip of a neopunk gang leader

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    That sure is some guitar tone. :P

    I'm not a fan of it in Exotic and a couple others - sounds right at home in Heavy Gear and Cromo but maybe try and vary it for the others?

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    Oh brilliant
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    Dark Raven X
    Exotic is one of my personal favorites (it is my cell ringtone right now), Cromo and Heavy Gear are my most download and twitted tracks of all time (strangely heavy gear had near 80% of the downloads from german users, all the other tracks are more balanced: USA first, then Germany, Brazil, France and Russia)... H.gear, Cromo, Injection and Exotic have the same guitar set (Dean Z.79 Guitar B-tunned, Zebra coils, Core Distorted and rectified, Stereo Recording, 3d digital reverb), different sets had been used on City escape(not thaat different), and one vintage set (strat in an old tweed amp) had been used on Night Ride. In fact I am trying other approach, I inserted some dubstep elements on the most recent tracks (but not too much to trasfigurate it on a aberration)... the track that I am working now is a full eletronic rock, no guitars on this one (kinda challenge for a guitar lover like me)... Thanks for the feedback

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    2 new tracks had been added
    "Arcology" Drone Industrial Track
    "Run" Badass retro 90´s guitar/drum/keytar Industrial Rock

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