[PRIME] 2012 PAX Missed Connections

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Starting this for all the missed connections fun posting!

I'm a: Girl
Your a: Guy
We briefly met on Saturday about 1pm?

I know this is a long shot but here's hoping.
Just inside the main entrance, I caught sight of you and had to take a moment to figure out what you were.
Then I had to have a picture, I asked a random person for help to take one. Your costume had green in it - you put your arm around me and made a great facial expression for the picture.
My hair was in braids and I was wearing a black hat.
I just really wish I had gotten your number/facebook so we could text/talk or something!
If you think this is you message me with what you were dressed up as, if you get that right we can exchange pictures of sat?

zerzhul on


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    PayneTraynePayneTrayne Canuck Registered User regular
    This is why you always leave a note.....or in this case exchange contact info the day of. It never sounds non-creepy when trying to find someone over the internets.

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    FenrisknightFenrisknight Token Canadian CanadianRegistered User regular
    I love this thread but it always inevitably gets shut down for creepiness. Let's try to keep it light and fun.

    Here's mine

    Friday afternoon, we both hopped into a demo game of Zombicide and you were wearing a costume for a character I'm not familiar with. I was the dude who took out two zombies and covered your escape with a fire axe, and you saved me by picking off a zombie behind me.

    Nothing much more beyond that. Just wanted to say thanks for saving me from the zombies, you were Rad, also you took out a fat zombie with a molotov...it was awesome.

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    CowSharkCowShark Registered User regular
    Commander Shepard, pretty rad costume.

    A person with dark hair in a sweater.

    I saw you near the escalators sometime on Friday. Just wanted to congratulate you on your bitchin' threads, and saving the galaxy and everything.

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    GamingGoddessGamingGoddess Profesh Nerd Phoenix, AZRegistered User regular
    You: Two guys waiting in line on Sunday for The Walking Dead. Said you were from Eugene.

    Me: Fionna hat with glasses and walking dead shirt. Was with two other guys.

    Just wanted to say you guys were great to talk to in line and we all enjoyed having you guys with us for a short while!

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    illdrinnilldrinn Registered User regular
    Me: The goth Googler

    You: All the Enforcers that smoke ever

    Great time was had by all, you made my weekend, find me online

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    mcdermottmcdermott Registered User regular
    You: That cute girl who was sitting behind me at like six different panels, taking notes.

    Me: That ruggedly handsome* dude sitting in front of you.

    Seriously, if you're gonna stalk me all weekend you should just say hello or something. I'm totally single right now.

    * - This part may be a lie.

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Aaaand there it is.

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