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CryptonyteCryptonyte Registered User new member
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Talk about a power trip!!....Is it just me, or were the enforcers extra mean and bossy this year??! In years past, the enforcers were polite, courteous, and just fun to be around and have a convo with. This year, they're completely detached and rude, yelling at everyone to keep moving, condense lines, stay on the sidewalk(you have no jurisdiction over me outside of the convention btw!), don't cheer so loud....really?? You're going to try to hush a bunch of excited gamers who are at a GAMING CONVENTION? The overall attitude of this year's PAX enforcers was just garbage, and I think a lot of people will agree. Maybe I'm overreacting.....what does everyone else think?

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  • ZookinatorZookinator Registered User regular
    You are dead on. I probably will not be attending next year. They were so busy trying to hurry people out of the Sheraton (Pegasus Theater) that we lost one of our buddies' backpacks that he left in our sitting area while he went to the bathroom, and then they wouldn't let us back in to look for it. Nor did they care. We even told them they could escort us up there so that they would know we weren't lying to get in the line for the Gearbox panel. Ridiculous. What happened to the past years where they were helpful and polite? Also, they are lucky no police came to the Sheraton around the time of the Gearbox panel. They pushed everyone out of the hotel and onto the front door area. Talk about chaos, that revolving door and escalator were dangerous with 100s of people bottlenecking trying to get in at 2:30pm. Fire hazard for sure plus so many people were kicked out that it was overflowing into the intersection. Whoever runs PAX needs to watch this shit and realize that it needs to change. A lot of people in panel lines were 1st time attendees and hated it. Such a shame because it really is a great event, but stuff like this and what the guy above posted is what really ruins a good mood and experience.

  • NeuralLinkNeuralLink Registered User regular
    I thought Enforcers were great, and I encountered no problems, even considering the additional (medical) burden I placed on them. Thank you enforcers!

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Hey so making threads to bitch is not an ok thing. There will be a suggestions thread and a post pax survey in the coming weeks.

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