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This year seemed lacking...

MoonrushMoonrush Registered User regular
edited September 2012 in PAX Archive
Maybe its me, but the swag this year seemed disappointing. As a non twitter/facebook user I got left out in the cold on a lot of the goodies... Maybe I'm just a retro gamer at heart, but in years past it was much more fun. Sooo many people this year not being courteous, mean even....even some of the enforcers. Granted most were awesome as usual.. thanks guys/gals... but we PAID for these tickets, and that small few kinda ruined it for me. And riot games... you suck.. I'm not buying your thirty dollar pillow for a skin... /rant

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  • NeuralLinkNeuralLink Registered User regular
    Why do you go to PAX? Not to tell you what to do, but I think you may be going for the wrong reasons.

    The only swag worth having at all was the CAH shirts. Everything else seemed like junk (as swag always does) that I would leave in the trash at the hotel or throw away at home.

  • MoonrushMoonrush Registered User regular
    I go to see all the upcoming games, and maybe get a chance to ask the devs a question or two.. The pax ten I always get one on one time with the devs, and I own most of them on steam, because I feel they respect us as gamers more than the mass marketed crap. I usually get a shirt of the games that I currently play or a hat, and maybe a pin. They adorn my pc bezel like badges of honor, but the lines... for everything... its just too much. Maybe they need fastpass like disney... I pickup a few new board games..maybe some dice, and see whats new in the desktop world in person, and then I go home.. I take everything home.. I have a lot of friends who are interested in games, and whatever I don't wish to keep I pass along. It's good gaming karma..

  • RoyceSraphimRoyceSraphim Registered User regular
    I was disappointed I couldn't see ArenaNet or Guild wars, but I guess they are basking in their glory (aka releasing the hounds of banning). I was also disappointed that I didn't see anything popping out on the DS.

    Were there tables of useless crap like shampoo packets?

  • ZookinatorZookinator Registered User regular
    edited September 2012
    Were there tables of useless crap like shampoo packets?

    I think that was a hint to all the stinky people dirty people who attend these things and get up in your personal space, haha! I wish they would give out deodorant, place stunk so bad.

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  • NijhazerNijhazer Sunnyvale, CARegistered User regular
    Sorry that you didn't have as good a time as you have in previous years. Forgive me for downplaying your concerns, but those that you have aired seem to begin and end with swag, and it's disappointing to me every time I encounter people for whom such things are what PAX is all about. I recognize that it's as legitimate a reason to come to PAX as any other, but I personally can't imagine wanting to come to an event like this for that reason, and have a hard time sympathizing with folks that do.

  • ZookinatorZookinator Registered User regular
    SWAG ruins PAX. People get too worked up about getting a shirt that it becomes a madhouse. Go to PAX for what its intended for. Playing games and seeing games that are coming out.

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