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[EAST] PAX Pokemon League: East 2013! LEGENDS!



  • MorgansternMorganstern Registered User regular
    edited March 2013
    Propriety wrote: »

    I'll get the mop...

    Morganstern on
  • VolaroVolaro The Iron Gentleman Registered User regular
    Propriety wrote: »

    Now you've gone and upset them Propriety...


  • aurethiousaurethious Registered User regular
    edited March 2013
    I was going to quote that, but I really didn't want to make it appear again. That may be the single scariest thing I have ever seen. Hands down.

    aurethious on
    Alexander, the Determined Coach - PPL East '13
    Alexander, the Emerald Knight - PPL East '14

    Come join the ION Pokémon League!
  • AshuriiAshurii Registered User regular
    edited March 2013
    I jsut relazied this is kinda like the anime. You can go into your box to call up on other Pokemon and meet new people and stuff :)

    Ashurii on
  • TheAsianKnightTheAsianKnight Shinywoopwoop Registered User regular
    Heya folks! It's your friendly wooper enthusiast/gym leader Melanie! I can't wait to challenge all of you, and while my team isn't full of woopers (a truly heartbreaking truth), be prepared to fight papa Pistachio! My most experience little guy from wooper* family!

    *wooper family also consists of quagsires
    cocowoushi wrote: »
    My Stunfisk friends and I are looking forward to meeting all of you and your Pokemon! I'll try to keep a close eye on them this year so they don't cause too much trouble..

    Oh dear, now where did Maggy go?

    No no Prop don't drink that coffee, Nappy was just using the pot as a hot bath-!

    Yappy please play nice with the Woopers!!

    Don't worry, Wooper are resilient! And with the ground/water combo, doubt your stunfisk can hurt them much if they're just playing~

    Just keep your eye on them because, Woopy no! That stunfisk is not a sled!

    Pax East Check List: Room [X] Registration [X] Pax Pass [X] Pokemon league Gym Leader Team [X]
    Cosplay Check List: WOOPER [X]
  • ProprietyPropriety Registered User regular
    Thank you to every single one of you for this year's PAX Pokemon League East the best PPL ever.

    Seriously. You all rock. <3

    That guy with the ridiculously long scarf at PAX. Say Hi!
    Love Pokemon? Going to PAX Prime/East/Aus/South? Challenge the PAX Pokemon League!!!
  • cocowoushicocowoushi Registered User regular
    Thank you everyone who came to PPL! I'm sorry I was a little scarce this year - had multiple friends who came in from out of town so I was busy, but everyone I battled with was wonderful! I hope the League was a good experience for you as well.

    (Pssst - And if the person who left the Stunfisk card for me is reading this please PM me so I can thank you properly!)

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