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Hey everybody, been a lurker on PA for awhile but I finally decided to register and show off some of my stuff I've created.

I guess for starters I should say I'm attempting to produce some quality videogame-centered comedy skits and heres the first one I've produced.

It's centered around the new Playstation All-Stars release and the characters that have been announced. I'd love some feedback and criticism!

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  • FANTOMASFANTOMAS Flan ArgentavisRegistered User regular
    You guys need a writer more than air, water or food. I saw no real comedy here, it actually resambles the structure of a game oriented webcomic. The basic idea of the "skit" it doesnt really have much substance, takes far too long to build up, and the final panel is not only weak, but even annoying... holly shoot... really ?

  • JeremiahCraneJeremiahCrane Registered User

    Well, although the last video wasn't well received, we've tried another shot and would love some feedback!

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