Post PAX Seattle meetup?

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I'm sure that I'm not the only person who has PPDS... (Post PAX Depression Syndrome), lol. So who's up for a post PAX gaming meetup in Seattle this coming Saturday, the 8th? Do some tabletop gaming, exchange buttons, swag, PAX stories, photos, etc... I've had small meetups at the Sheraton side lobby/lounge before with no problem, as long as we support the establishment. The Belltown Pub is also a good place as they are set up for gaming, and even have a stack of board games you can play. A regular Weds night gaming group meets there, and also reserves tables just for gaming. Starting in the early afternoon has been the norm, and going until there 's not enough people to play anymore. Anyone who is interested, just post your info, if you'd bring any games, and what location you would prefer. I would likely bring:
Battlestar Galactica
Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures
Zombie Munchkin
and maybe Sentinels of the Multiverse.

As for a location... The Belltown Pub has a better and cheaper menu, but would be more crowded and require us to reserve a table or two just to be sure we get tables. The Sheraton is more pricey, but will likely be less crowded and easier to get multiple tables if we needed them. I'm also going to open this up to a my PAX'ers facebook group and another group I sometimes game with on meetup.com.

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