[SuperTIMEForce] killed monster that masqueraded as the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs

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From the creators of Super Brothers: Sword & Sworcery:


A Contra-esque 8bit shooter? Okay, those are usually g-... wait, every time you're killed... you respawn and pick a new class... and can fight alongside dozens of alternate timelines of yourself? Who did everything you did previously while killing enemies? And if you rush ahead and killed the enemy that killed you in the past you can continue from there... and there are dinosaurs and French Rambos and government mind control and skateboarding raptors and kids jumping into burning tire fires asdl;kfh4agroi32hgahn.

This game is the best 90s cartoon that never was released.

And if that first trailer didn't get your interest, listen to this.


God, I'm calling in a favor here. PC release. Pwease.

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    Looks crazy stupid awesome, but it doesn't seem to have multiplayer. That sucks. It'd be awesome to see a dozen player characters running around in a contra game, even if there's actually only two to four players.

    And I was totally digging that trailer, too. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

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    I saw this trailer the other day. It's easily the best video game trailer I've ever seen :)

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    Turtles in Time was always my favorite beat em up, and Super Contra was freaking rad.

    I'm honestly okay with it being single player because you are literally playing with yourself. The best COOP buddy there is!

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    manwiththemachinegunmanwiththemachinegun METAL GEAR?! Registered User regular
    Still no PC release in sight, but the game is done!


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