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[EAST] Pre-FAQ FAQ Thread (Post East questions here until the big FAQ is ready)



  • The_Doctor1The_Doctor1 Registered User regular
    I should be heading to East 2013 for my third East and fourth Pax. It is always one of the best reasons to take time off of work.

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  • TheGannondorkTheGannondork Registered User new member
    Moocifer wrote: »
    I'll definitely be going again! This will be year three for East! It's like an addiction now. I stayed at the Westin this year and that spoiled me.. And I don't want to stay anywhere else if I can avoid it.. The Westin was just amazing. I'm also going to switch up my vacation time so I can hopefully actually be there for the closing ceremonies!

    I want to get the Westin How are the rates for PAX? Last year I was pretty far from the Convention center wich was a super bummer, I also had to miss the closing ceremonies wich I disliked :(

  • HuskyDorkHuskyDork Registered User regular
    edited September 2012
    I want to get the Westin How are the rates for PAX? Last year I was pretty far from the Convention center wich was a super bummer, I also had to miss the closing ceremonies wich I disliked :(

    The Westin was $179/night before taxes for two double beds through OnPeak.

    HuskyDork on
  • ClixClix This guy I know Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Do any of the downtown hotels have multi-room suites? I'm having a hard time filtering search results. It seems that everybody considers two beds in the same room with a couch in another as a suite. Fail.

  • TheGannondorkTheGannondork Registered User new member
    $179/night Sounds amazing! I can not wait thanks for the info HuskyDork!

  • PayneTraynePayneTrayne Canuck Registered User regular
    I'll be heading to East again this year dressed as Canadaman. I intend to hit up the pre-PAX pubcrawl and probably leave on Sunday instead of Monday.

    That being said having been to both cons I can safely say that I prefer the East con-center. It's bigger and for me it is far easier to navigate. I do however like the fact that Prime is nestled in a hub of absolutely fantastic stuff whereas at East you have to walk or put up with really expensive restaurants.

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  • KorvasKorvas Registered User regular
    I'm def going to pax east! this will be my third year! and every year I seem to get better at it. def spending time in the handheld lounge, classic arcade, and free play everything else seems to be more of a random happening... def gonna try and get some more swag, last few years I sucked at it..

  • WolfieeWolfiee MARegistered User regular
    Can't wait for PAXEast! My fourth year <3 Made myself and awesome Skyrim costume.

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  • MagnifiedXMagnifiedX Registered User regular
    The drums of fate are rumbling, PAX is approaching...

  • Browncoat565Browncoat565 Registered User regular
    @Browncoat565 I went solo to East last year and had an amazing time. Don't let that be the thing that keeps you from going.
    East has a lot of similar pre- and post- PAX activities. There is a bar crawl (Pokecrawl), a Magical Mystery Tour, Pre-PAX Dinner, Pre-PAX Gaming Night, Girls Meetup, etc.
    yeah, at this point I'm more torn as tow wether I want to go to east or to au for the first international PAX, I am for ssure planning to go to two PAX's in 2013

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