[EAST] Offer to assist Indie Devs at PAX East.

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I do not have much to offer, other than a helping hand.
I Live about 50 minutes, by car, from the shows location. and I have gone to 2011 and 2012 PAX East shows. I have every intention of going this year, but I wanted to mix things up and see if I could help out.

Maybe you are a Dev who is on the fence about PAX East due to money or logistics... Or you work solo and have no one who can assist. Well, I want to help.

- The least I can offer is someone to just run around and assist you at the show...

- Or I can offer you the free use of my equipment... which is nothing spectacular.. Just my 52" Flatscreen, and some computers... but maybe this is all you need.

- I can be your booth "Dude" I can dress all spiffy (Shirt Tie, etc..) learn everything about your game and provide 3 full days of presentations for your game, and lite Q&A.

- Or maybe you just need a guy to Rent a uhaul and drive some folding tables down to you at the show.. I dunno. (You pay for the truck, not me. I am offering my body and time here, not my wallet.)

I am a regular youtuber and on request I can e-mail you my channel info. (Not trying to promote myself here, just so you can see my awesomeness) and you can decide for yourself if I provide the right kind of presence you want at your booth should you want me for booth dude purposes.

Contact me at (contact info removed)
Feel free to ask me any questions. I want to help out in the best way I can.

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