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Embedding documents in a Joomla site

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I'm building a new knowledgebase at work and the requirement is that all articles be in DOCX or DOC format and not (as previous) in html format. Since we are using Joomla and I knew nothing about either web design or what Joomla is it's been slow going, but now I got the hang of it and want to expand on the original design goals.

It seems to me, as a non programmer or web monkey, that on a basic level this should be a simple task? I've found a number of Joomla extensions that can do this, but all rely on google docs viewer which obviously cannot access our intranet.

Anyone know of any joomla extensions that can do what I'm looking for? Either embed a document in an article directly or display a document as an article?

I suppose I could just publish the things as PDFs but that seems less than optimal since they are large and slow and kind of crappy

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    It seems to me, as a non programmer or web monkey, that on a basic level this should be a simple task?

    It's not. Requiring all articles to be in doc/docx is sort of terrible. Can Word still export documents as (horribly formatted) HTML files? That's your best bet for sanity.

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    Yes it can, my boss however wants them in docx and viewable inside the webpage

    This seems crazy to me, and I would vastly prefer a wiki (with a download button to download it in docx format)

    Actually that should be doable, there's a thing I saw online that can create docx files from a joomla article based on template positions...

    I mean we're taking a mid 2000's website and taking it into the past as far as I'm concerned but I'm just a peon... to me it pretty much invalidates the point of a website, might as well just throw the articles on a network drive on the SAN

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