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I started out making a sort of a 3D Doodle Jump clone but somehow it turned into this:

What is it?
Skylight is a first-person platform jumping journey with randomly generated levels and music. You play as a happy-go-lucky robot who's trying get back to his home in the sky. It's nearing completion and the current version, 0.92, is likely to be the last free release. The game is available free while in development but will cost $3US once version 1.0 is released. There'll still be a demo or old version available.

Gameplay video from September 10th

Why should I care?
Simple to play and somewhat unique. "Casual" but not easy. An essentially infinite amount of levels. Unique randomly/procedurally generated music. Currently free.

Who made it?
Just me, over the past few months. I'm a programmer/audio engineer (an unusual combo, it seems) and I run Moment Studio. I also recently released a free album of folk-rock type stuff, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

Can I play it?
Sure. Skylight supports Windows, Mac, and there's also a web player. All can be acquired here.

Comments, criticism, bug reports or anything are very welcome. I don't exactly have a testing team. Thanks for looking.

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    I'm the developer and this post is reserved for my updates!

    Hmm that download link above seems to be broken. Here's a link to the game's page: http://www.momentstudio.co.nz/skylight

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    Update: Skylight is now done! Turns out, releasing a game is pretty nerve-racking.

    So, there's now a demo of version 1.0 available, and I've put the full version up on my website for USD $2.50. Skylight is fairly "casual", although it's not easy to get to 100%, and it's a lot more complex than your average flash game. So hopefully that's a reasonable price point.

    Demo, purchase, and information here.

    Release Trailer

    Gameplay Video

    Changelog for version 1.0, from version 0.92
    - Added flocks of birds
    - Added a locked bonus mode (unlocks on getting to 100%)
    - Added a "lamp platform" which is basically just a normal platform with a light on it, to look cool and help out a little near the end
    - Other minor adjustments to level generation (both performance and layout related)
    - Improved performance somewhat
    - No minor chords play when you're past 75%. Other minor edits to music generation
    - Improved robot 3D model a little and added visible "thrusters" when moving
    - Added mute button on main screen and pause menu
    - Made the instructions screen sightly tidier
    - Spotlight now turns off again when light level gets high
    - Tweaked view bob when hitting a platform in 3rd person a little

    - Fixed platforms sometimes double-registering a collision, causing erroneous score and extra damage
    - Fixed the music engine sometimes playing the same sound multiple times at once
    - Fixed clearing high scores also resetting mouse invert setting
    - Fixed audio volume not adjusting correctly to compensate for many sounds at once, occasionally causing clipping
    - Fixed clouds not updating to face you when in 3rd-person mode (revealing the terrible secret that the clouds are actually groups of 2D planes)
    - Fixed unfocusing and refocusing the app while paused making the music start playing

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    I've updated the full version (and the demo actually) to version 1.1, after making a few changes based on feedback from the first day of release and other stuff I wanted to fix. Anyone who bought the game before I updated it to 1.1 has been sent a link with an updated download. This won't be a common thing (or I would have built a proper updater), this is probably a one-off.

    Version 1.1
    • Fixed a bug where occasionally broken platforms would generate right in front of the start point (maybe every 50 games or so)
    • Added a few "stars" floating around right near the end (nothing fancy)
    • Slight tweaks to level generation. Fixed a problem where the platform for the special ending was sometimes too low and would cause you to lose and win at the same time
    • Added support for changing the mouse sensitivity. Press - or = on the keyboard. Settings are saved.

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    I wonder if someone can edit the title for you....it's pretty sad looking and non descriptive as it just says "Skylight".

    Cursed MECH 1/2 Tower Defense 1/2 Twin Stick Action. FREE 2 Play.
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    I think all the first few games that went up on this forum just had the game's name as the title. It's OK, I've finished and released Skylight now I'm fine with other new games claiming the attention.

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    The thread title is the game name unless the OP specifically asks for something else

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