Jiggle Juggle Joe

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Jiggle Juggle Joe, the result of 2 years of crazy tinkering of the Fadosoft crew is here! New concept, platform-like play entirely realized in plasticine. Who remembers "The Neverhood"? ...
You control Joe, a gummy funny dragon. Tilt the phone, make him roll and jump on bouncers (remember "Doodle Jump"?). Increase your control power catching all the items around.
When Joe's tongue hangs him to snakes you can sling him like you would do with the "Angry Birds". Find the glue and you can stick Joe to your finger and throw him where you need. You will look like juggling with your device.

12 levels in the FREE version
72 levels in the FULL version

Try it out, and have fun with us.



https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3436703/jiggle juggle joe/materiali promozionali/screenshot1.png

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3436703/jiggle juggle joe/materiali promozionali/screenshot3.png

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    I'm the developer and this space is reserved for my updates!

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    Cool video, it reminds me of Morph from UK kid's TV. If I owned a smart phone I'd definitely try the demo!

    Your screenshot links are broken.

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