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The Bad Advice Thread (all good advice strictly coincidental)

BusterKBusterK Negativity is Boring Cynicism is Cowardice Registered User regular
edited September 2012 in Social Entropy++
So, I like the idea of helping people out
However I also like making fun of people which is obviously a huge no no in H/A
So here we are
Got a problem? I'll make fun of you for it.
But I'll also try to help you out maybe
Keep in mind, I'm not an expert on anything and you probably shouldn't follow my advice
I also encourage everyone else to join in the fun and give advice as well
Because there's a very good chance I'll forget I made this thread by tomorrow
100% I want this thread to be fun, so don't be mean and don't get butthurt if you don't get told what you want to hear
We're keeping this light and goofy

So ask me anything
Don't expect anything helpful and you might be pleasantly surprised

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