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Gunnerkrigg Court: A webcomic about a cute coyote.

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Webcomic threads are back, so I think it's time this thread was resurrected since shit is getting interesting plot-wise.

This is Tom Sidell
He is working, and has been working, on a little webcomic known as Gunnerkrigg Court. It is a detailed tapestry of sweet writing and sweeter arts.

This is Antimony Carver
She is a student at a school called Gunnerkrigg Court. She has been there a few years now, storywise, but the comic kicks off with her first year. The comic centers on her learning about the school's past, the mysterious forest that is near the school, and the strange going-ons with both. Antimony also has plenty of problems that the comic will dig through so much like a pig and truffles. Character development is pretty awesome in GC, and it's interesting to watch Carver change over the numerous chapters.

This is Katerina Donlan
She is Carver's friend and companion throughout the story. She's a bit of a nerd whose parents are both teachers at the Court. While not the main character, a bit of her own personal issues are looked at, and her relationship with Carver goes through many ups and downs as the story progresses.

This is Reynardine
Honestly, the less said about him, the better. Briefly speaking, he is another companion of Carver.

This is Shadow 2
He's a shadow, doin' shadow things. Another one of those characters where less explanation is for the best.

This is Robot
He is a robot, obviously. He is introduced early in the comic, and starts shenanigans.

This is Mr. Eglamore
He one of the many people that work at the Court, and among those that has a tendency to pop up frequently in the story. This is Mr. Eglamore. He is not technically at odds with Carver, but sometimes her breaking of school rules can make it seem that way. This is Mr. Eglamore. He has a sword and wears cool outfits. This is Mr. Eglamore.

This is Jones
She is not a robot.

This is Tea
Not really a character if we're going to be technical, but she does show up in bonus comics to explain background information or expand upon a bit of mythology.

This is boxbot
Boxbot is terrible.

This is robox.
Everybody loves robox.

Gunnerkrigg Court updates Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. Recently, Mr. Siddell has decided to quit his mundane, human job and ascend to the pantheon of the self-employed. While the comic isn't updating any more or less, it does mean that Mr. Siddell gets to spend more time making better art for the comic. Seriously, some of the strips since quitting his old job have been downright gorgeous. The comic is TOTALLY free, so maybe you could show your gratitude by grabbing something from his shop? What's that? You find gaudy material goods to be beneath your refined self? That is okay, as you can flex your philanthropy muscle and donate directly to Siddell. You even get fine art for doing so in the form of precious wallpapers.

So, Gunnerkrigg Court. I highly recommend that new readers start from the beginning. In case you can't tell: it's a serial comic, and you really need to get in on the ground floor. Trust me, it's awesome (like robox).

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