The Stupid-Friends Webcomic Finally Officially Launches!

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If you loved MAD magazine growing up, this is for you! Lampooning superheroes, sci-fi and everything else, we take nothing seriously!

Anyone who ever read MAD, Cracked, Stupid or Crazy Magazine growing up is already familiar with the style of parody that the Stupid Friends represents. Off the rails idiocy, sloppy art, a nonexistent fourth wall and inappropriate humor abound as a group of generic superheroes battle the forces of incompetence while hampered by bad art and worse writing. You can see our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Stupid-Friends/218498728162992?ref=hl

The Stupid Friends will be published as a webcomic first and then collected into an actual print magazine and distributed via the web. Securing publishers and distributors is a difficult proposition at best. By utilizing the Kickstarter project, we intend to skip the difficult part of finding a distributor and simply build our base from our unique visitors.

A truly funny and unique comic book ''magazine'' still has a place in the world and we believe that using the online webcomic format as an advertising vehicle to drive sales of the print magazine is a win/win situation. Of course, the print magazine will include bonus material not available in the online version.

The series is largely black and white, with occasional colored pages and ''covers''. The black and white pages are published online as is and will appear side by side with color versions, if and when they are produced. Many fans enjoy seeing both versions and it costs nothing to offer this feature. In the print version, only the black and white version will appear, due to cost restraints.

The Stupid-Friends is the ongoing adventures of five idiots with superpowers. Spending most of their time avoiding any real work, danger or responsibility, the Stupid-Friends pull out every cliche known to the genre. Characters die and come back on the next page, villains are ineffective, even petulant and one character goes so far as to refuse to participate and leaves the strip ''for good.'' ''Traps are meant to be sprung,'' as the heroes fall for every type of bait in the book, from captive teammates to stolen alien pr0n, with hysterical results.

The bizarre antics don't stop with the regular cast, though, as literally hundreds of guest stars wait in the wings and most of them aren't too happy about it. Deadpool is rattled by the lack of a fourth wall, essentially nullifying one of his ''greatest powers.'' Wonder-Man dies and is resurrected repeatedly, each time returning in a different costume. Moe Howard of Three Stooges fame is transformed into an unstoppable revenge driven killing machine, and the XXX-Men are.... well, the XXX-Men.

All of the plotting and dialogue has already been written for the first 200 pages of the Stupid-Friends, along with a series bible and most character artwork. Some minor scripting elements remain, as the plot, while banal, does get somewhat complex later in the strip when multiple threads come together in a climactic conclusion to some of the major plot elements. Along with the scripting details, there is some significant artwork to be completed, which is time consuming.

When fully funded, we will be able to complete the Stupid-Friends in a more timely fashion and eliminate the need for expensive print-to-order schemes that drive up the price of these types of publications (making it cheaper for the consumer). Bringing a print magazine to fruition is a massive undertaking, but we already have most of the creative assets in place, leaving only the physical printing, publishing and distribution efforts (to say nothing of further advertizing). In short, the only thing that makes these types of publishing difficulties go away is money, which is why this project exists. So please support us and the Stupid-Friends, read our webcomic and help us bring it to the world in print form (so you can read it on the crapper).

The Stupid-Friends is a ''reboot'' of a webcomic we published years ago but was eventually deleted from the archaic hosting service. All the physical art assets were also lost, but the basic plot and dialogue are easy enough to recall from memory. The effort to reproduce the strip is a labor of love and it is unlikely that anything can keep it from being published on the web. But as anyone who grew up reading comics will tell you, there is nothing like the physical print copy to hold in your hands. That is the purpose of this Kickstarter fundraising effort, to produce something we love to share with people who might enjoy it as much as we do.

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    Hey there. This forum is actually for posting artwork for critique, not this.

    If you'd like to post your work for critique (and are prepared to actually receive critique) then great! Otherwise this is most definitely going to be locked.

    For the record, after taking a brief glimpse at the Facebook page, you're going to get some very hard-to-hear critiques. The art isn't very good (and that's not something that you should make excuses for, as it appears you're doing. Bad art is not a "clever feature", and certainly not one that people generally enjoy paying for unless there's excellent writing....but you seem attached to deliver not only bad art, but bad writing, so........good luck with that.).

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    Read the rules yet-another-web-comic-dude.
    I just took a peek... and yes, you NEED the critics from this place, more than air or food. Also I didnt read the wall of text, i just read what NightDragon said and simply asumed what was going on.

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