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Hey, hoping you guys wouldn't mind checking out these songs I recorded of my band's music. I'd love it if you guys would listen and give comments/critique. They're on Youtube, so you can't expect the highest sound quality and I'm not exactly the best sound engineer, but still I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Thanks in advance.

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    Whats the composition of the band? what do you play? What are your influences and goals ?

    My main critique with the first posted song, is that it sounds pretty generic, almost like a collage of songs from the 90`s , thats why I ask about the influences, so maybe I can understand better where you guys come from and where you guys are heading... On second though the guitar sounds more like an 80`s thing.

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    Thanks for responding!
    It's a 3 man band, guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, the guitarist sings, I play bass. We play a dirty blue rock style. Our best sound has always been live.
    Influences, I mostly follow classic rock, Deep Purple, The Who, and such, as well as some 90's rock. The guitarist's biggest influence comes from Big Sugar and Grady. He's into bluesy, but 90's rock type stuff.
    I get what you mean about being generic; it's definitely not our most complicated song. In live situations I mix the bass up a lot more than in this recording. I think it comes from trying to keep this one simple, relying more on maintaining a groove and interest with the vocals.

    Thanks again!

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