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  • WeretacoWeretaco Cubicle Gangster Registered User regular
    edited October 2013
    Well the joys of home ownership. On Friday just as my wife was about to heat up food for a bunch of her co-workers to come over, the oven died. The replacement part is way too expensive to bother putting into an older stove so we ordered a new one on Sunday for $450.

    I was hoping this one would last until we decided to redo the kitchen and run gas lines in for a new fancy stove :(

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  • GanluanGanluan Registered User regular
    We closed on our new house! We are having painting and landscaping done this week and will be moving in next week.

    It's been 6 months of stress but our new house is so great. I can't wait to set up everything!

  • WeretacoWeretaco Cubicle Gangster Registered User regular
    Excellent news.

    My wife keeps getting nervous we'll end up like this

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    Blake T
  • JasconiusJasconius sword criminal mad onlineRegistered User regular
    having a yard to go with my dogs is already paying huge dividends

    doesn't hurt that it's cooling down in the first week of living in it, so going out in the morning in watching my dogs pee is not that as unpleasant as it sounds

    my body is soar from lifting boxes down two flights of stairs of my old apartment

    i still have to make at least two trips back to retrieve knickknacks

    my biggest house need right now is ant poison. we have a variety of ants nesting outside the house and they routinely make it in, especially in the master bathroom

    we have big large ants, which appear to just be lost, and then we also have very tiny ants which seem to enjoy cat food

    i need something that's pet safe for the back yard though

    Try EVE Online with my referral code, and I'll like you a little bit:
  • CogliostroCogliostro Marginal Opinions Spring, TXRegistered User regular
    So I decided that I want to use ALL of our patio and not give up a large portion of it to the monstrous grill I bought. I decided to go ahead and just make a nice sized concrete slab barely large than the base, so I can set the grill on there. 4 bags of concrete was only $13 total. The only thing I will do different next time is to dig out further and actually use wood to frame it in. The red clay here is so stiff and moldable, though, that I was able to use it as a form. I just want a little more precision next time. I only did a small slab because it will be torn out when we eventually extend the patio clear across another 10 feet or so. :D

    But hey; First time working with concrete and it worked well! Now I Just need to pour two more slabs; one underneath the outside water tap and another over by the fence gate to put my garbage cans on. Easy peasy!

  • ElbasunuElbasunu Registered User regular
    Is there a new moving thread? My new home has been a blessing. Tonight I have the first trick or treaters in almost two decades. So cute!

    Steam ID: Obos Vent: Obos
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