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[Diablo] destroy the Rift Oculus, find Nephalem Rifts, id The Oculus



  • chrishallett83chrishallett83 Amazon: shorturl.at/giJSV Steam: shorturl.at/ftCLSRegistered User regular
    Shorty wrote: »

    1) my monk has over two million toughness now. also a 50% chance to dodge, which, HAHAHAHAHAHA

    2) I found an ouroboros that is a straight upgrade to the one I found in the first month of the game's release, which I'm pretty stoked about

    3) in the past two days I have found two windforce bows, so I figure, fuck it, I'll give one to the scoundrel. his damage is now 60k.

    So you almost never end up taking much actual damage?

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