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[iPhone/iPod/iPad] Thread - When this thread started phones had headphone jacks



  • dporowskidporowski Registered User regular
    Also, the XM3/4s are just really, really, really good. Only real competition is Bose, and Sony's own in-ear buds.

  • SixSix Older Than Chanus Registered User regular
    Yes. I have Bose QC 35s and AirPods Pros and will wear the Bose 10/10 times on planes.

    Friend codes are stupid
  • htmhtm Registered User regular
    Apple Announces Self Service Repair Program.

    That one made me blink and re-read.

    The cynical take is going to be that they’re trying to head off right-to-repair legislation and perhaps that’s part of it, but to me it sounds more like a novel approach to hardware servicing. A lot of their rep for good customer service comes from the Genius Bar, but those can’t be everywhere. And since Jobs came back, they’ve kind of hated third-party sales and servicing. So, in that regard, it seems like an exercise in middleman avoidance: avoid the hassle the administering a network of certified repair vendors by selling straight to users.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to see what the pricing for parts is like.

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