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Penny Arcade Radio from 2000-2001, Painstakingly Recreated

Zach BakerZach Baker Registered User
edited September 2012 in ClubPA Library
Waaaay back (late 2000 I think), PA started a "radio station" on Live365 (which is weirdly still around), which was just a streaming 90-song playlist. I listened to it a lot. A LOT. In fact, I... logged the entire playlist.

So recently, I recreated it on Songza and am enjoying it all over again.

And, since I'm dedicated, I also have them in their original order on Grooveshark for a more semi-authentic experience.

There are three songs missing in each version, but only one ("The Stupid Song" by Bret Turner, of course) missing in both, so not bad. Hope you enjoy it.



  • DonoramDonoram Registered User regular
    Oh, shiz. Found your playlist on Songza and saved it immediately. I don't have the incredible memory you have for song lists, but I totally remember listening to that station in High School. Crazy memories.

    Thanks, bro!

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