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I hope this is the right place to post this thread, but I preordered XCOM and so I have a spare copy of Civ V to give away. Normally I'd just gift it to a friend, but most of my friends already own this game, so I figured I'd set up a fun little contest. Nothing involved, but hopefully at least amusing!

Anyway, the details: All you need to enter is a steam account (or willingness to sign up for one), and a name or handle. Give me your name (or a handle you're comfortable providing) and I will make you a member of a squad of soldiers in XCOM: Terror from the Deep, while I play it on a relatively hard difficulty level. I will then "live-tweet" (as the kids call it) the results, on Google Plus and Twitter. Enter here in this thread, on the plus post, or tweet it at me. Last named survivor wins, and I will then gift you the copy of Civ V on Steam, for you to do with as you choose!

You have until Sunday afternoonish PST (9/30/2012) to enter.

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    The Steam thread is probably a better place for this. It's the digital equivalent of fancy men driving through towns and passing out coins to the citizenry.

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