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Starfall: Ronin on iOS



  • khanstructkhanstruct Registered User regular
    edited February 2013
    Starfall: Ronin, Version 2.0 is now available on the AppStore. If you already have a copy of the game, be sure to upgrade and get all the cool new features!

    Be sure to come back here and let me know what you think!

    khanstruct on
  • CorpekataCorpekata Registered User regular
    Just curious if you've considered doing a PC version? Turn based and space are two ticks on my nerd-boner checkbox.

  • ElvenshaeElvenshae Registered User regular
    This game is pretty great - it plays pretty similarly to FFG's recent X-Wing tabletop game, and that one's one of my absolute favorites.

    The 2.0 updates are very welcome, and the special ability for each ship type really helps to differentiate them.

    A couple UI improvements are needed, IMO - specifically:
    • It can get pretty hard to make sure you've issued commands to all your ships correctly when you get more than a couple in your fleet - especially if they're spread out all over the battlemap. Some form of "Next Ship" button would be very welcome.
    • Overlapping movement indicators are still kind of finicky - it can be hard to make sure you're moving the right one. Not sure how to adjust for this, other than locking your current inputs to whichever ship you're currently providing orders to.
    • I like that 2.0 zoomed out the action pretty significantly vs. 1.X; however, sometimes it is still too zoomed-in (especially when doing things like trying to aim Archer Missile shots at something far away to north or south; east and west are, obviously, somewhat easier due to the landscape orientation). Any chance of pinch-to-zoom making it in?

    The 180* Loop upgrade looks like it turns out to be not worth much on the Fighter once you upgrade it's manueverability a couple notches, because then you can do really tight left-and-right turns.

    Otherwise, really enjoying this game - it's perfect in couple-minute bursts, like when waiting for another game to load on your PC.

  • khanstructkhanstruct Registered User regular
    edited February 2013
    Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you like the new changes.

    We have discussed the pinch to zoom feature. In 2.0, we've changed the camera to a perspective camera (rather than ortho) to give a better sense of the 3d graphics and environmental hazards, like the mountains. This can cause some issues while trying to implement the zoom, when dealing with 3d assets (the ships) and 2d assets (their flight paths) together. We're still looking into it though.

    Yes, the overlapping indicators can be a bit of a pain. We're always working on trying to improve that with some general "predictions" to determine which icon you're trying to move.

    @Corpekata: Building to other platforms is something we'll definitely be doing. We get asked for an Android version a lot, which is high up on our priority list. We actually have a PC version, which is what we use to test the latest builds. Its just a matter of managing a distribution for it. But the short answer is yes, there will be a PC version. I'll bump it up on our priority list.

    P.S. We're also have a new Starfall game in the works that you may be interested in. I'll be sure to let you know :)

    Thanks again. Keep the thoughts coming, and please leave a review/rating on the AppStore for us.

    khanstruct on
  • Mr. BookwormMr. Bookworm Registered User new member
    The codes are not working for me, are they expired? :(

  • khanstructkhanstruct Registered User regular
    The codes are not working for me, are they expired? :(

    Sorry, Bookworm. Yes, those that weren't used would have expired by now. Feel free to buy a copy though ;)

    I may run a promotion soon though.

  • khanstructkhanstruct Registered User regular
    We have just released a FREE version of Starfall: Ronin! Go grab a copy and let me know what you think! Help us out and spread the word.

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