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    MagicToasterMagicToaster JapanRegistered User regular
    To me, a comic has two parts: Drawing and presentation.

    Drawing is... well, the drawing! Which you stated is not of your own creation.

    Presentation is what I consider to be more of a graphic design skill. For a solid presentation, all elements need to fit together. At first glance, the element which doesn't fit is the speech bubbles and text. Compared to the line art and the lines that make up the panel, they are very thick. It's almost as if they were place there as an after thought.

    On the subject of fonts... pick one, you're using 3!

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    DMACDMAC Come at me, bro! Moderator Mod Emeritus
    Is the writing going to get any better than pee-pee and boner jokes?

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    MetalbourneMetalbourne Inside a cluster b personalityRegistered User regular
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a poop joke, personally.

    I'm not big on the art because everything looks like a diagram. I suppose that would be great if I found this in the back of an airplane seat, but as it is, it's the Internet.

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    GallannGallann Registered User new member
    I apologize, obviously it isn't good enough.

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    MagicToasterMagicToaster JapanRegistered User regular
    Nah, man. Dont be that way! This may be hard to hear, but its how youll get better.

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    HalenHalen Registered User regular
    Tracing stuff actually is fine. But why not have a go at drawing it? I thought the superman erection joke was pretty clever (because it's easy to miss, and therefore reasonably subtle).

    Don't be disheartened. Critique here can seem very harsh, but it is always meant constructively, unless you're being a dick.

    Draw an egg.
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    amateurhouramateurhour One day I'll be professionalhour The woods somewhere in TennesseeRegistered User regular
    I thought the jokes were pretty good honestly. If you've got the skill to take images and place layers over them and trace outlines then you've got the skill to get a light box, print the images, and draw them until you don't need to trace reference, or do it with a wacom, either way you can always improve your art.

    That's what this place is good for, getting better at art.

    are YOU on the beer list?
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    FugitiveFugitive Registered User regular
    Yeah the jokes were pretty lame, and the traced line art lacks any kind of finesse or thoughtfulness. It's just stiff and bland, like most all traced work.

    However if your response to honest critique and a few sarcastic jabs is to instantly shut down, you'd probably do well to just cut your losses and quit.

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    GallannGallann Registered User new member
    I did not shut down.. I posted a new strip yesterday. I just took my stuff away from here as it wasn't getting constructive feedback, well, cept for from magic who thinks that a comic is made up of presentatation and art and that I should use the same font for the site stamp, the dialogue and the strip title. In all honesty I just get anxious and perhaps hastily reacted when I took the stuff down. Thanks for your feedback, here are some other ones.

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    ShadowsofBirdsShadowsofBirds Registered User regular
    I didn't see the first one, but this one made me snicker. Poor Tom Cruise.
    The tracing is fine. Go with it. Develop it. Do your thing.

    Artistic merit is great and all - but if everyone was Pixar, no one would be South Park, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Space Ghost, or Waking Life/A Scanner Darkly.
    The presentation doesn't HAVE to be slick. When you dress up Punk Rock it's no longer Punk Rock - it's Blink 182.

    One of the things you'll run into when you're going in a different direction is that people who put there time and energy into becoming amazing illustrators will tend to feel some degree of derision that you're not. It's human nature and we all do it. I'm a composer/musician and I'm guilty of it sometimes.

    Sometimes people that aren't fellow creators will look at it and say "well that's not what it's supposed to be" - but it's exactly what it's supposed to be, it's whatever you want it to be - so keep at it.

    One of my favorite webcomics is Married to the Sea:

    As far as I know they just caption existing public domain illustrations.

    Anyway - that's my advice/critique.

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    tynictynic PICNIC BADASS Registered User, ClubPA regular
    people who put there time and energy into becoming amazing illustrators will tend to feel some degree of derision that you're not. It's human nature and we all do it. .
    Nobody is saying this isn't a valid way of making a comic, and as you point out, Wondermark, Married to the Sea, Dinosaur Comics, etc etc are all great comics which rely on image shortcuts.

    But - and I don't want to discourage the OP from posting their work, but this is true - this forum is predominantly geared towards artists and illustrators. If you post on here the artwork is gonna be the thing most of us pay attention to. So I think you're being a little bit disingenuous here; there's lots of places to get feedback on comics and if you post on an art forum then it's usually presumed that you want critique on the actual art.

    All that said, if we take it that you're not going to change up the art method (and mind you, while I think you could make more of it, I've seen much worse 'traced' comics), then we're still going to want to talk about the other visual aspects of the comic. MagicToaster is right, presentation is really important. Drawing is only a subset of what makes a good comic. Font, speechbubbles and layout are also really important, and these are all things that you can work on - that you need to work on - which don't have anything to do with the art but could quickly and radically improve people's first impressions when they look at your work.

    I think you should heed Magic's advice about fonts, he really does know what he's talking about. There's a lot of clashing elements here. I'd also suggest you look into guttering between your panels, the format you're using here is detracting from the overall impression of the strip.

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    ShadowsofBirdsShadowsofBirds Registered User regular
    I did think about that fact (that the forum is geared toward artists) as I was posting.. but then I thought "well then you have to define art, and nobody wants to have that discussion so I'll just say my piece and hope it slips by under the radar".

    I don't really want to have that discussion. But I think it's more accurate to say that being that the forum is geared towards artists and illustrators the process is going to be what most of y'us pay attention to.

    I was going to link a blog that I used to love - it was a music blog but the design was busy as hell, a million different sized fonts, neon pink and green and yellow. It was this amazing gaudy mess. It looked like an Atari 2600 ate a black and white copying machine and vomited up over an infomercial from the seventies. It was like nothing I'd ever seen and I don't think it was intentional. I just went to the page and it's been redesigned. Neat rows, uniform fonts - it looks like every other blog out there including my own.

    There's a reason for design rules, and the OP posted to get feedback.. but when everyone goes down the same road they tend to end up in the same place. I think that's a shame.

    ..anyway.. not sure that's really relevant to the thread but since you quoted that line from my other post - I want to make sure it's known that I didn't mean to say anyone was being mean-spirited.
    Just that it's a natural inclination for peers to be a bit biased.

    Happiness and Butterflies, y0.

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    GrifterGrifter BermudaModerator mod
    Personally, I think if you're going to trace, you need to actually spend a bit more time with the artwork. Maybe apply some colour or a background? The artwork just feels incredibly lazy to me since it's clear that it's traced and there's no attempt to doll it up a bit. You might as well just be cropping the photos and applying a sketch filter rather than spending all of that time tracing it.

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    MustangMustang Arbiter of Unpopular Opinions Registered User regular
    Have to agree with Grif, the art is so minimalist it's utterly undefined, especially when it's contrasted with such a heavy typeface and speech bubbles. You need to work on line weight to at least give the trace some form. Which is a bit of a catch 22, as by the time you learn how to apply line weight properly, you'll probably be competent enough to draw it yourself.

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