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PAX East 2013 Forum Badges



  • Josh5890Josh5890 ChicagoRegistered User regular
    For me it goes #3, #1, #2

    This space for rent
  • MalgarasMalgaras Registered User regular
    I like #1 the best, then #2, then #3.

  • eloelo That guy over there... Smoke stack central, NJRegistered User regular
    My vote is for #1

  • lunkheadlunkhead Registered User regular
    My vote is for #3.

  • VegaObscuraVegaObscura Registered User regular
    2 > 3 > 1, in my opinon.

  • TraitoriousTraitorious Registered User regular
    My vote order is 2>3>1

  • DarkIrishDarkIrish Registered User new member
    Version 3 is my favorite

  • cyntheticcynthetic Registered User regular
    Yay Forum Badges! My first is sitting nicely on display in my PAX shadow box. :D I would love one again this year. Thanks for being so awesome, Kropotkin!

  • Thunderous_TThunderous_T Minneapolis, MNRegistered User regular
    They all look great! My vote is 1 > 3 > 2

    Prime 2017: Tickets soon please...
  • EchoZeroEchoZero Registered User regular
    Im a 50/50 split between version 2 and 3, all of them look great though.

  • EnolamronEnolamron Registered User regular
    They are all cool looking but if I had to choose 2,3,1 in that order.

    Nice work

  • punziepunzie Cookie Pimp Registered User regular
    Aesthetically, I prefer version 2. I feel like version 3 needs a mistake on it. A crumpled section or a random ink blob or something.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I *like* version 3, but for whatever reason it doesn't look like a printer mistake to me, which I know is what he's going for.

  • ColdbrewColdbrew Down in Front Productions Lake Stevens, WARegistered User regular
    I get that there's a theme here, but it just doesn't seem right to me to grey-scale the whole thing.

    Otherwise my vote goes to 3.

  • kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge Creator London UKRegistered User regular
    punzie wrote: »
    Aesthetically, I prefer version 2. I feel like version 3 needs a mistake on it. A crumpled section or a random ink blob or something.

    Once again Punzie is the font of wisdom! Yes it needs more evidence that this badge was printed by something that is designed to mess things up. I shall tweak both versions 2 and 3 as they seem to be the favourite.


  • CaveCibumCaveCibum Registered User regular
    #3 is my favorite, too.

    Please add me to the list, and I'll start collecting more flair!

  • AboutLastNightAboutLastNight Whitney Registered User regular
    Version 2 is my favorite

  • kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge Creator London UKRegistered User regular
    CaveCibum wrote: »
    #3 is my favorite, too.

    Please add me to the list, and I'll start collecting more flair!

    How much flair? I'm just asking.....


  • N13N13 Registered User regular
    I think #3 is the most legible, and I like its halftones, but #1 seems the most authentic.

    It's a tough choice. Plus, if we pick the most authentic one, it'll look like @kropotkin just did an awful job. :)

  • TabooPhantasyTabooPhantasy Registered User regular
    2 is my favourite!

  • JerYnkFanJerYnkFan Registered User regular
    I like 2 the best followed by 3

  • Lady AmaltheaLady Amalthea Registered User regular
    3 > 2 > 1

    Though I agree, Version 3 needs a mistake, like a smudge line or an area that just got skipped over.

    WONDERFUL JOB by the way, seriously, this is going to be amazing.

    Who is going to PAX South?
  • sassfactor4sassfactor4 Brooklyn, NYRegistered User regular
    Version 3 is my favorite as well

  • SarahSarah Registered User regular
    Version 2 is more dramatic, but I like v3 too.

    Can I request a badge please

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    So, some info for folks of the last few pages:

    Putting your name in this thread will get your forum handle on the back of the badge (see the wiki page I linked a little earlier to get an idea). Posting here though does not actually guarantee your ability to gain a badge. They will be handed out at PAX itself and at some of the pre-PAX forum events. You'll have to attend one of those events *or* go to the designated pickup location during PAX to get one.

  • KomiKomi Registered User regular
    My opinion would have to be 2, 3, 1. I don't much care for 1, but I really like 2.

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  • GhostDanGhostDan Registered User regular
    3 is pretty awesome. #2 is really good, #1 is my least favorite but still really good.

  • miker525miker525 New YorkRegistered User regular
    #2 is definitely my favorite. Then #3, and #1

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  • The_MadHatter_The_MadHatter_ Registered User regular
    I'd also like to get added the list please. I'm really liking version #3.

    PSN ID, Steam: The_MadHatter_
  • JarretttheguyJarretttheguy Registered User regular
    edited January 2013
    2>3>1 however, they are all fantastic!

    This is my 4th PAXEast, but the first time for the forum badge, so sign me up!

    Jarretttheguy on
    "In the Emperor's name, forsake this game, and begone!"
  • profanitiprofaniti Brighton, UKRegistered User regular
    I am new here, but I would love a badge. : )

  • MxWoodMxWood Registered User regular
    I say number 2 all the way... wow 2 posts in a month, i'm so active!

  • SpicosaurusSpicosaurus SpaceRegistered User, __BANNED USERS regular
    My vote is 3 - 2 - 1, they all look great though. Thanks again for putting time into this!

  • vttymvttym Ardent Gamer Northern NJRegistered User regular
    I vote 1 > 3 > 2 right now. Just think 2 is too.. dark.. details might be lost when viewed from a distance greater than me and my computer monitor.

  • JamesDMJamesDM Registered User regular
    Sign me up, can't wait to finally have the time off to go to PAX East.

    My vote would be #2,#3 and #1.

    If you have any complaints about this poster then feel free to: Иди на хуй, Сучьи :D

    Steam, PSN, XBL, Xfire and everything else JamesDM
  • treezatreeza Registered User regular
    These look great!
    I like #2 the best!

  • Dire JayDire Jay Registered User regular
    I agree with #2 being my favorite.

  • jasonakaramjasonakaram NHRegistered User regular
    This will be my third PAX East with my son :) But my first time posting. I think they all look good but I'm going to say 2-3-1.

  • KilonumKilonum [E] Somewhere near BostonRegistered User regular
    3, 2, 1

  • KyussKyuss Registered User regular

    then #2
    then #3

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