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[PATV] Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - Extra Credits Season 5, Ep. 7: Mailbag #5



  • BuckstarchaserBuckstarchaser Registered User new member
    edited October 2012
    The charity thing at the end there sounds dubious.

    Buckstarchaser on
  • BemaniAKBemaniAK Registered User regular
    edited October 2012
    About the 10's of millions that the companies spend on their hardware, are you aware just how much of that is redundant corporate spending?
    Almost everything in those systems are contracted from another company, Sony gets their CPU's from an IBM factory, their videocards from a Nvidia gpu manufacturer, etc. etc. they aren't designing any new technology or hardware, they're coming up with a fucking PC build with a custom case, R&D is expensive because Sony MAKES it expensive, the biggest cost involved for a platform developer that doesn't throw all the kickstarter money at worthless office employees and hardware exclusivity deals is a programmer for the OS, which might cost 100k per head at the very most for a basic OS that is designed to do nothing but download and launch videogames.

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  • FabioleanFabiolean Registered User regular
    As a fully qualified gun owning expert supreme I can say with absolute authority: Shooting guns is really fun. Like, a whole lot of fun. And video games have cool guns, and often they are real guns that real people can shoot.

    People are so uninformed about what is legal, possible, or feasible in regards to shooting guns they think are cool, it makes a certain kind of sense for the weapon makers to partner with a big game company to try and tap a new market.

    People get tunnel vision so hard on the fact that guns are for killing people, they don't realize how much fun it is to use one for not-murder. Which is a lot. Fun for all ages. You should all probably find a gun owning friend (you all have one) and shoot with that person, because it is so much fun. Take the kids, bring a bucket of sandwiches, and go shoot guns.

  • MatiasGMatiasG Registered User regular
    Hehe, Hark! A Vagrant is an epic webcomic. Props again EC for a good reference.

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