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Battlefield 3 and a few other games are giving me issues with new hardware upgrade[Advice]

EliminationElimination Registered User regular
I am totally stumped on this one. I had things like Battlefield 3 running great on my old hardware and now it wont work, it just hits a blank black screen when i start the game up but i can hear the music/sound in the background. I have to hard-reset the system to get out of it, no errors or anything get reported either. This same thing happens with LA Noir as well. Other games such as Borderlands 2, Saints Row III, Hawken Alpha ect all run buttery smooth with no problems.

I checked heat, and my CPU never goes above 45 even under heavy load (I have a proper cooler on it, Coolmaster N520.) and my video cards never go above 50 ish. This blank black screen only happens in these two games, i've tried to re-install them and everything, no luck, tried re-installing c++ redist, tried tweaking sound settings, drivers everything. Nothing seems to make a difference, its really frustrating.

For reference i just changed from an ADM x6 1090t to a Core i7 3770k with z77 mobo and did a full reformat of the system in the process.

Full system specs:

Core i7 3770k @ 4.2ghz
2x Spinpoint 7200 RPM HDD's (750gigs each)
2z AMD 6950 2gb in Crossfire
12GB DDR3 1600 (Mushkin Silverline.)
950w Antec Gamer High-current PSU
Motherboard is Asrock Extreme4 z77 with EUFI bios.
Coolermaster n520 CPU cooler, case is NZXT Phantom full tower.
No eyefinity at all, just a single 27" LED monitor.

Only been acting up since the reformat and new hardware, most games run fine.

All drivers are up to date.

PSN: PA_Elimination 3DS: 4399-2012-1711 Steam:
Elimination on


  • chrishallett83chrishallett83 Hi! Registered User regular
    You re-enabled crossfire on the new mobo, right?

  • EliminationElimination Registered User regular
    edited October 2012
    I did re-enable it yeah. I actually managed to fix the black screen issue for LA Noire by installing .net framework 4.0 I dunno if it helped with BF3 yet though, i tried to go through EA support for help but their tech support guy was absolutely worthless, he was so bad at his job he told me after looking at my DXDIAG to update my video driver and linked me to the driver he wanted me to update with....the driver was for a mobile card...and im on a desktop. Waste of time but figured i would try their tech support anyways, now i know they are worthless at least.

    EDIT: Ok I solved it, no idea what i did. It was either the .net install or it was me installing AMD's beta drivers, one of the two fixed it.

    Elimination on
    PSN: PA_Elimination 3DS: 4399-2012-1711 Steam:
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