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The worst kind of bootLoop

bobsbarricadesbobsbarricades Registered User regular
1)Power on
2)get to GUI Windows 7 loading screen
3) Checkdisk needs to verify
4)get to 67k-ish file of 400k display quick message (something about delete file). Says Checkdisk has completed but really it just stops at the 67k-ish file.

I've got two keyboards plugged into the front+back, now both in back but everytime when Win7 is loading it DISABLES my keyboards so I can't hit a button to skip chkdsk. I got lucky once unplugging and plugging back in and as soon as it loaded it gave me a "Updates require reboot" dialog and promtply rebooted...starting the loop.

I boot to my Win 7 USB-HDD and it does the same thing.

What the poop.

bobsbarricades on


  • AlectharAlecthar Alan Shore We're not territorial about that sort of thing, are we?Registered User regular
    edited October 2012
    You could try booting from a Linux Live CD, it'll at least give you the chance to run some diagnostics.

    Alecthar on
  • bobsbarricadesbobsbarricades Registered User regular
    Talk about wonky. I have to do some weird keyboard voodoo in order to cancel the chkdsk but even after I do there aren't any ways to fix said problem. Got this on SPUF and I got the dirty confirm but it just ended up doing the same thing.

    Disk Repair cd I made didn't work either. Hoping someone knows a way for me to get this fixed and not have to reformat. I'm real good with this thing and it'll be the 3rd reformat in 3 years...reminding me ever so powerfully why I like OSX.... (yes I take care on the software end - and if you can believe it I never torrent, use personal ID [even check email], look at the sexually profane or shady sites).

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