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Rebellion in a Dwarf Fortress: A [Mini][Phalla] - Commoners(Village) Win!

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Overseers Journal, 28 Timber, Year 645

Heard more rumors this morning. Dwarves talking about revolt, revolution, uprising. Say that the prisons are so full that guards have to resort to beatings, or worse, for punishment. Dwarves are saying they can't handle more of these demands. Saying we don't have any adamantine to make a new adamantine robe for the Baron, and they've never even heard of 'slade' for the Hammerer's new cabinet. Actually, I don't think I've heard of this 'slade' either. Maybe these nobles are a bit off their rocker.

Still, they're the leadership around here. The nobles keep dwarves focussed, make sure they're working hard so we keep our production up. With the constant goblin ambushes, we can't afford to slack off. Farmers gotta farm, smiths gotta smith, or we risk losing everything to a single goblin strike. A rebellion now, with winter right around the corner, might be the end of this once great fortress.

I think I hear a chant forming in the dining room. Sounds like things might spill over. I hope these damn dwarves come to their senses before too much blood is spilled...

Welcome to Dwarf Fortress!

What the heck?

This is a mini Phalla for 30 players loosely based on the game Dwarf Fortress.
For more information on what Dwarf Fortress is, visit the creator's website, or the wiki.

General rules of Phalla can be found here. New players are very welcome, as are regulars and veterans.

Phalla Rules/Mechanics:

You must vote each day. Votes must be placed in Bold Red. You should probably vote for who you want to die, as the winner of the vote will be eliminated every night. If there is a tie I will flip a coin. The coin is a jerk, and will probably kill the wrong guy. Maybe just don't let the vote get tied.

In addition, everyone should make at least two non-vote posts each day. Failure to vote or contribute will lead to warning and replacement.

Vote close is 11:00 PM Mountain Time(1:00AM Eastern Time). All votes and actions at 10:59 PM Mountain Time and before will be counted, while any submitted after will not.

Do not directly quote anything from PMs with me, or take screenshots of them. It is okay to paraphrase role PMs.

Do not anonymously contact anyone.

When you die you may make one ghost post which cannot contain any game related information. After that please do not discuss the game with anyone still alive.

That's all very nice, but what if I have a question?

Ask for clarifications in Bold DarkOrange. You may PM me with clarification requests, or post them directly in the thread. If you have questions about your role I strongly advise you to use the PM method to avoid giving away info to the other players.

What should I do if I wanted to contact someone privately?

Make sure you invite me and make me an admin of any proboards you might form.
Please add me to all PMs related to this game.
Do not add other players to PM conversations.

Neat! Mind if I see a sample role?

Sure thing, here is the default villager role. Please note that every player will be assigned a unique role name in place of the one included in the PM below.

You are a member of the Commoners, and have joined the uprising against the Nobles!
No longer will you suffer their outrageous demands and unreasonable punishments.

You are a Phalla Player! You play phallas, plotting against your "friends" and trying to figure out which of them to kill of next. It's a pretty neat thing!

Power: Apprentice. None of your skills seem like they will help during this uprising. It's time to learn something new! Once during the game, you may choose to apprentice under another dwarf. If they are killed or removed from the game, you will take over their role. If multiple players are apprenticing under the same dwarf, only one will take over the role, chosen at random. The dwarves who are not chosen will be able to apprentice under a different dwarf. If, upon death, the player you are apprenticing under has no powers you can learn, you will be able to apprentice under a different dwarf.

VC: Eliminate all threats to the commoner uprising!

Anything else I should know?

Order of actions: Vote->'Defensive' Actions->'Misc' Actions->'Offensive' Actions

I'm so down for this, how do I sign up?

Please make a post in Bold Limegreen to sign up. If you would like to sign up for the reserves, please indicate it in your post.

Will narration be in map form?
It will not.
Megafrost wrote: »
Do any mafia have the apprentice power?
The Overseer has decided not to reveal information about potential mafia powers. Clarification Denied.

A vanillager may attempt to apprentice under any other player. Anything beyond this is CD.
schuss wrote: »
are there elephants?
Clarification Denied.
kime wrote:
Conversions, thralls, millers, etc?

If I apprentice to someone and they die of the vote, do I get their skillz? Assuming that had any.

Are you trustworthy?

Can I vote for you? :P

No conversions. No thralls/millers.
It does not matter how someone dies for the purposes of apprenticing.
I am always trustworthy.
Voting for me is not recommended.

Baidol wrote: »
Does the dwarf you wish to apprentice under need to agree to the apprenticeship?
Hey what happens if you apprentice under a mafia? Can you learn their skills? I know you can't become mafia because you said so earlier.
Unfortunately, this clarification must be denied.
TRV wrote:
Is there vote manip?
Clarification Denied

The Dead:
Day 1:
stever777 - Child(Mason) - Beaten to death by an angry mob.(Killed by the vote)
Matev - Metalcrafter(Apprentice) - Cut apart with a sword
Mill - Weaver(Apprentice) - Murdered in the night
Cythraul - Brewer(Roleblocker) - Found drained of all blood
shalmelo - Goblin Master Thief(Ability Seer/Kidnapper) - Fled the fortress, failed his mission. INDIVIDUAL LOSS!

Day 2:
romanqwerty - Engraver(Apprentice) - Lynched by an angry mob.(Killed by the vote)
SeGaTai - Engineer(Apprentice) - Impaled by a spear
Kilnaga - Fortress Guard Recruit(Guard) - Murdered in the night
Baidol - Blacksmith(Apprentice) - Found drained of all blood

Day 3:
Typhus733 - Woodcutter(Apprentice) - Pummeled to death by an angry mob.(Killed by the vote)
Megafrost - Swordsdwarf(Vigilante) - Decapitated with a sword
38thDoe - Mason(Mason) - Murdered in the night
The Anonymous - Carpenter(Apprentice) - Found drained of all blood

Day 4:
schuss - Manager(Noble) - Beaten to a pulp and fed to giant badgers.(Killed by the vote)
MrTLicious - Bookkeeper(Noble) - Repeatedly perforated by a spear.
jdarksun - Ranger(Ability Seer) - Murdered in the night
kime - Farmer and Swordsdwarf(Vigilante) - Found drained of all blood and impaled by a spear.

Day 5:
chamberlain - Vampire(Serial Killer) - Had every bone in his body broken by the mob.(Killed by the vote)
Langly - Craftsdwarf(Apprentice) - Killed with a sword

Day 6:
TheRoadVirus - Baron(Noble) - Hung by his own beard.(Killed by the vote)
Zombie Hero - Broker(Noble) - Stabbed through each lung by a spear

Day 7:
Void Slayer - Chief Medical Dwarf(Noble) - Could not escape the wrath of the mob.(Killed by the vote)
blahmcblah - Mayor(Noble) - Struck down with a sword
Anialos - Cook(Roleblocker) - Murdered in the night

The Survivors:
Phyphor - Speardwarf(Vigilante)
SLyM - Captain of the Guard(Guard)
spool32 - Miner(Ability Seer)
Retaba - Fisherdwarf(Reverse Seer/Befriender)
I needed a name to post. - Clothier(Apprentice)
Delmain - Bowyer(Apprenticed Swordsdwarf)

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Final Narration

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