2013 QUILTBAG (Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans, Etc.) Gamer Meetup - TICKET SALES CLOSED



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    embraceternityembraceternity Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    Hey, (hopefully you'll see this since PAX is over), I wish I could have gone, but I accidentally (of all things) got food poisoned from dinner the previous thursday evening, and wasn't up to eating food or doing much at all friday. :< I had paid for a ticket to come to this, and I was wondering if they were possibly refundable? If not, no big deal, only $17 out of my pocket, I was just wondering. :)@themiscyra

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    ThemiscyraThemiscyra Registered User regular
    I'm very sorry to hear that! Unfortunately I did have to pay UNO the full amount for everyone who registered, whether they came to the restaurant or not, and as I'm presently unemployed and money's a wee bit tight, I'm not really in a position to issue refunds at this time. :( I'll see if I can squeeze it into the budget, but it might take a while.

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