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PAX AUS Rumours

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Sup dudes! With PAX AUS still so far away we really don’t have much to go by except the occasional rumor but hey I feel an urge to start getting psyched on this so let’s do this.

Important: None of this is confirmed fact, in fact it may well be complete fabricationj so don’t go taking time off work or booking hotel rooms around what is said in this thread

It’s more just a thread for us to get excited in. If you have anything to ad go wild.

PAX in Melbourne?

So kotaku have posted up a document which they say confirms that PAX is going to be held in Melbourne.


Who know’s whether we can take their word for it though, they did also post an announcement saying PAX was probably going to be held in Brisbane before that.

I personally wouldn’t mind it being in Melbourne, it’s a fricking cool city and gives me an excuse for a road trip. You can get around really easily with them trams and Shanghai Dumplings.

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